Vanke Jinyu LANWAN 192 square meters pattern villa

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As a kind of exquisite and enjoyable landscape house type, many people want their own villa decoration to have a different decoration style. In addition to the luxurious and atmospheric European and American style decoration, how can the villa decoration be more outstanding? Next, Wuhan Decoration Xiaobian will teach you how to create more varied and lasting decoration with Vanke Jinyu LANWAN's 192 square meter villa decoration

Vanke Jinyu LANWAN (group assembly of Vanke Jinyu LANWAN community); 192 square meters; Four rooms and two halls; Half package scheme

[Vanke Jinyu LANWAN 192 square meter villa decoration effect drawing]

living room: use different styles of decoration materials to create a retro fashion style decoration. Generally, the villa decoration will choose luxury and high-profile European or American style decoration, but because the owners prefer various retro decoration, the designer first uses the mixed style design in style, The main design idea is to use different matching colors to achieve the unique shaping of the retro style

Kitchen: the design of kitchen wall tiles is similar to the decoration design of general kitchens, but some tiles with unique retro colors are used in the purchase of wall tiles to make the whole kitchen more charming. Many people like some simple things very much, whether antique decorations or antique furniture are increasingly becoming a decoration trend, so such kitchens are believed to be pleasing to the eye

restaurant: the restaurant is a place to enjoy delicious food. It doesn't need too much decoration and beautification. It just needs a clean and tidy environment and an atmosphere suitable for enjoying delicious food. In fact, the decoration of the restaurant is simpler. If the decoration of the restaurant is too much, it will make people feel oppressive, and the enjoyment will become minimal. Therefore, the creation of a retro restaurant doesn't need too much decoration, but a simple collocation

bathroom: the bathroom is the most enjoyable place. The unique design of the bathtub makes everything interesting. Bathing is a thing that many people are very keen on. Because it can relax their body and mind and is beneficial to health, the decoration of the bathroom must create a good atmosphere, and good design is very important

the most common decoration style of villas is luxurious European and American style decoration, but too much of this decoration will give people aesthetic fatigue, so in fact, different and unique decoration is more popular. Such a retro style is believed to become a decoration trend. (recommended reading: key points of villa decoration design)

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