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From March 7 to 10, 2016, Shenzhen international home textile fabric art and home decoration exhibition was grandly held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Home hotline reporter interviewed Lin Jiarong, marketing director of Foshan isalai textile decoration Co., Ltd

home hotline: Hello, President Lin! The theme of this exhibition is "change and innovation". As an exhibitor, what is the strategic significance of this exhibition for your company's development

President Lin: this year, our theme of isalai is "fusion · leap", which can be said to coincide with the theme of this exhibition in Shenzhen, which also shows that our entire industry needs a change, but also needs to focus, develop and leap. This time, I saw many brands make a breakthrough attempt at the exhibition. This year, our company mainly made some adjustments in micro marketing, and also launched some new software in design, including cloud design software. These adjustments will lay a solid foundation for us to achieve a leap forward this year and move towards fusion. Because our 3D cloud design system can well solve the problems including customer signing, shopping guide training, recruitment difficulties and operation to improve customer unit price. It is also an innovative research and development for the whole industry

home hotline: you just mentioned that isalai has built a 3D cloud design system this year, and we also saw many exhibitors coming to watch it on the scene. Can you explain to us what new experiences the 3D cloud design system will bring to consumers or users

President Lin: in fact, our 3D cloud design system is very simple to operate and easy to use. In the future, we will put into operation on major portal websites and building materials home websites to provide consumers with opportunities to experience DIY home design. At present, the post-80s and 90s have become the main force of consumption in the home market. For this group of young consumers, the design scheme designed by the design company will undoubtedly increase the economic pressure of their decoration. Then the launch of our 3D cloud design system can reduce the pressure on consumers in this regard and enable them to design their own homes according to their own personality, including curtains, wall coverings, furniture, etc. So that consumers can design their favorite space and style anytime, anywhere, and choose the overall supporting facilities they like

home hotline: Hello, President Lin. In addition to building a good product such as 3D cloud design system, what surprises will we have next this year

President Lin: this year, our company has invested a lot in both marketing system and products, especially in the upgrading of exclusive stores, which we also attach great importance to. First of all, we will pay more attention to fashion and modern elements in the sense of space of exclusive stores; Secondly, in terms of products, we will pay more attention to the overall layout of soft decoration, including curtains, wallpaper, wallpaper, soft and hard bags and accessories. Of course, we will also have various supporting schemes for customers to choose. If customers have any puzzles, we will specially have someone explain them; In terms of marketing system, this year we will focus on making adequate preparations for building all channels, including large-scale portal websites, micro marketing system and offline integration of the whole building materials. In the future, we will focus on building an omni channel retail system such as 4.0, a curtain and soft clothing store

home hotline: Thank you very much, President Lin, for accepting our interview. I also wish isalai a success in this exhibition. Thank you





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