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Is there a part of the owners will have the idea that "it is a second-hand house anyway, and others have decorated it before, so I don't need to spend any more money, which is not cost-effective"? In fact, the second-hand house has had a master after all, and the other party will more or less leave their own breath in the house. After redecorating, they can completely remove the breath of the previous one, and they can become the real owner of the house. So it is necessary to redecorate the second-hand house. Next, Wuhan home decoration network will tell you the key points in the decoration of second-hand houses. Learning it will make your house look like New

first, the decoration of second-hand houses focuses on style creation

if you want to make the second-hand old houses beautiful, you must choose a good decoration design style. According to the introduction of the decoration design knowledge of second-hand houses, there are many things about the decoration style used by second-hand houses, such as modern simple style, such as American rural style, such as Japanese style, etc. in short, when choosing the decoration design style for second-hand houses, Try to choose a simple style of decoration construction, because there is no need to demolish the wall during construction. Most second-hand houses are old, and try not to change the pattern. This is the most important point of second-hand house decoration knowledge, and I hope you will keep it in mind

second hand house decoration focuses on furniture selection

generally speaking, the previous owner will not keep his existing furniture in the second-hand house, unless it is something particularly old. Therefore, when decorating and designing second-hand houses, if you can choose some beautiful and suitable furniture, it can also add icing on the cake to the home environment of second-hand houses. When improving the decoration design level of second-hand houses through furniture, we must choose furniture according to the decoration style of second-hand houses. For example, if the decoration style of second-hand houses is modern, we should choose furniture that is fashionable, simple and personalized. For example, if the decoration design style of second-hand houses is pastoral, we should choose furniture that is fresh and elegant

third, the decoration of second-hand houses focuses on decoration materials

when designing the decoration of second-hand houses, the decoration materials must be purchased well. Many old houses are prone to moisture, so when we decorate and design second-hand houses, we should try to choose those decoration materials with better moisture-proof effect, such as gypsum board, thermal insulation materials, etc., which are more suitable for the decoration of second-hand houses

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