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Aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers should position themselves from the beginning

it is necessary to determine their own period and the next step after positioning according to the situation of each aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer. To transform an aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer into a company, it is necessary to clarify its own position. Is it an investor, operator, manager, or a professional? In the early stage of entrepreneurship, the manufacturer took several people to do business, and usually can concurrently serve as these figures, undertaking multiple figures such as acquisition, warehouse storage, driver, accounting, affairs, etc., but the planning is large, and if it is still so positioned, it is obviously unable to meet the needs of development

still focus on the business part

the arrangement framework of aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers should be centered on the business part. This arrangement structure not only highlights the effect of the transaction part, but also helps to clarify the division of labor; Secondly, refine on the basis of the existing arrangement structure. The market development department, which has divided the business parts according to different ways and explored the original capital potential; Then, establish the supervision part. The scientific arrangement of the framework and the useful implementation of the guidelines are still based on the necessity of a supervision mechanism. Only in this way can all aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers operate normally and reasonably according to the established procedures

sorting out the internal handling mechanism

Guanhao doors and windows thought that if the aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturer handled it internally, it must be sorted out from scratch. We can step in two directions: one is to introduce talent mechanism and introduce fresh blood; Break internal boundaries and attract a wide range of excellent talents to apply. If the aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers have small plans and limited funds, there should be a process of publicity and packaging for such aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers. Secondly, establish a more scientific evaluation system and restraint mechanism. Aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers should put down contacts, establish a full scientific evaluation index system, and check employees from the aspects of morality, ability, diligence and performance under the criteria of fairness, impartiality and disclosure, so as to restrain the practices of employees, and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees; The second is to formulate corresponding rules and regulations to handle and control the flow of workers

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