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Toilet is a necessary thing for home, and the sales market is very wide. It is common sense to pay attention to brand when buying goods; So, what are the top ten toilet brands? Now let's introduce the 2016 toilet brand ranking

toilet is a necessary thing for home, and its sales market is very wide. Pay attention to brand when buying goods, which is the most reliable method when you don't have a special understanding of products. So, what are the top ten toilet brands? Now let's introduce the 2016 toilet brand ranking

2016 top ten toilet brands ranking 1. Toto

toto products are well-known in the industry and have high popularity in the whole industry. Toto is not only the top ten toilet brands, but also the top ten brand ranking in the sanitary industry. Toto can still maintain its position and long-term stability

whether it's intelligent technology, swirling flushing, SMA constant temperature technology, 4.8-liter water-saving toilet that drives the industry's water-saving trend, or Wei Xili, a water-saving health experience, Toto products not only bring users an intelligent bathroom experience, but also integrate environmental protection and energy conservation into life

toilet brand ranking 2. Arrow

as a representative brand in the sanitary ware industry in Foshan, arrow is well-known. Guangdong sanitary ware is well-known nationwide, and Foshan Sanitary Ware is the main part of Guangdong sanitary ware, accounting for a large proportion, and has a great market influence

Wrigley toilet is designed and built in combination with human body research, which meets the requirements of human body and is very humanized; Wrigley toilet pays attention to the details of products, and carefully carves and refines the products; Wrigley toilet has good water-saving performance, environmental protection and energy conservation; Wrigley toilet has novel and unique design and diverse styles, which meets the contemporary people's pursuit of beauty

toilet brand ranking list 3. Huida Huida was founded in 1982. With a development history of more than 20 years, Huida can be regarded as an old brand in the industry. Huida is the most valuable brand in China's 500 and belongs to Tangshan Huida ceramics (Group) Co., Ltd

the nano self-cleaning glaze technology adopted by Huida toilet not only makes the surface of Huida toilet smooth and smooth, and the dirt is difficult to adhere, but also has good antibacterial effect, especially the average antibacterial rate against Golden Grape balls and Escherichia coli is more than 95%. The nano self-cleaning glaze of Huida toilet will not peel off, and has more wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant and excellent heat resistance

toilet brand ranking 4. Kohler Kohler

Kohler is an American brand, and Kohler occupies a wide market proportion in the international market

Kohler sanitary toilet products adopt an excellent five-stage cyclone flushing system, which has super flushing and water-saving performance. Environmental protection and water saving are achieved in one step, bringing perfect solutions to consumers in three aspects: sewage discharge, cleaning and water saving. Kohler bathroom launched a new 4.2-liter five stage cyclone green energy. This technology not only inherits the five stage cyclone super sewage discharge, but also saves about 30% of the water consumption than the GB national standard water-saving type. Kohler bathroom toilet products truly integrate environmental protection, cleaning and water saving

Kohler bathroom toilet products adopt a noble and gorgeous design style, which fully matches the luxurious style of world-class five-star hotels, and is one of the preferred products of many five-star hotels

toilet brand ranking 5. Hengjie hegll

as a leading enterprise in the sanitary ware industry in Guangdong, the strength of Guangdong Hengjie Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. cannot be underestimated. In the market, its competitiveness is very strong; And after years of development, Hengjie has now grown into a well-known brand in the industry, and has established its position in the eyes of the market and consumers

the intelligent toilet Ruixi series of Hengjie sanitary ware has powerful functions and humanization. It adopts instantaneous heat technology, which is safer and healthier. Hengjie super cyclone toilet only needs 3.5L to flush at a time. The innovative diversion and pressure guiding technology of Hengjie bathroom super cyclone toilet saves more than 30% water, has no backflow, no splashing, strong impulse, is not easy to jam, and the flushing noise is low

toilet brand ranking 6. Langjing ssww

Guangdong has strong sales market potential, but it still means that there is a strong market competition, and Langjing can stand out from it, which has shown its extraordinary and different. As a big brand, Langjing has entered people's hearts

Langjing toilet products are made of high-quality materials. During the employment period, internationally renowned designers and artists will create a fashionable and beautiful appearance for the products. They will perfectly combine aesthetics with cutting-edge bathroom technology, art and technology, modern modeling design, beautiful and appropriate, gentle radian, simple and fashionable, fresh and smooth lines, and beautiful and generous

the flushing effect of Langjing toilet is super strong. The surface adopts the original nano self-cleaning glaze technology and nano antibacterial. The product is super clean, green and environment-friendly, with a special anti fouling effect, which is conducive to the cleanness and sanitation of the toilet. It is the necessary first choice for every household pursuing a healthy life

toilet brand ranking 7. Faenza Faenza

Faenza is a green environmental protection product in China and one of the most influential brands of home decoration in China. Its toilet products are very popular in the market, have a large market share and are highly competitive

farnsa has a professional Italian designer team, adhering to the Italian aesthetic, elegant and artistic design concept, and integrating Italian aesthetic classics into the design of sanitary ware, laying the simple and fashionable tone of farnsa products

toilet brand ranking 8. Roca

Roca was first established in Spain in 1917. It is one of the largest sanitary ware manufacturers in the world and is also a large multinational company. Needless to say, it is not only very popular in China, but also occupies a large share in the international market. Its products are sold in many countries and positions around the world

in the production process, Lejia toilet adopts an integrated design, the appearance lines look very clean and refreshing, and the shape is also very small and exquisite. Lejia toilet has many styles for consumers to choose from, so it is very popular in the current market

the lavatory of Lejia adopts Oule cover plate. Oule cover plate is one of the most popular materials in Europe. It has good flame retardant performance and excellent electrical insulation, and is very safe to use

toilet brand ranking 9. Dongpeng Dongpeng

Dongpeng is not only the top ten brands of toilets, but also its sanitary ware and ceramic products are very good. It is also among the top ten brands in the ceramic industry. Dongpeng sanitary ware is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the production of sanitary products in China

Dongpeng sanitary toilet is not bad, with a size of 678*380*716mm, which is suitable for the whole pit distance. After firing at 1260 ℃, the water absorption of the ceramic body without glazing has been less than 0.2%. Coupled with the microcrystalline glaze, it has the characteristics of no pollution, bacteriostasis, firmness and durability. The flushing method is jet siphon type, equipped with 50mm fully glazed sewage pipe and top-level water parts, with strong momentum. The main water inflow sound is only 52 dB, which is very quiet. The slow falling cover plate has strong bearing capacity, and the color is pure, which is not easy to hang dirt and turn yellow

toilet brand ranking list 10. Four dimensional well

four dimensional is a special brand among the top ten brands. Unlike other brands, it generally comes from abroad or coastal areas. Four dimensional is a Chongqing brand, a brand of Chongqing four dimensional Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., and it is also the first listed sanitary ware brand in China and a well-known brand in the industry

four dimensional sanitary ware adopts advanced production technology and strives to create perfect sanitary ware products. Among them, the most excellent production technologies are glaze technology, water-saving technology, “ Buttock kissing technique ”. The glaze technology of four-dimensional bathroom is made of high-quality imported ceramics and fired at high temperature, which has the advantages of compression resistance, thermal expansion and cold contraction; Water saving technology is designed for consumers

here is a brief introduction to the top ten toilet brands and the ranking list of toilet brands in 2016. I hope it will be helpful to you. Please look forward to more information




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