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In this fast pace of life, it's rare to have a rest. What do you like? Lie on the sofa and watch TV and enjoy your time. Do you know how harmful it is for people to watch TV for a long time with doors and windows closed? Xiaobian comes to learn from you

German experts have found that TV sets and other visual radiation images can emit a dangerous energy. If people often close doors and windows while watching TV, it is easy to catch cancer

according to a research report, experts generally believe that video displays, including TV screens, can directly affect people's eyes, bone marrow and muscles, and indirectly cause tension and stress. Therefore, while watching TV for entertainment, people must pay attention to maintaining health and make scientific and reasonable arrangements and adjustments

however, people don't have to worry too much about it, or even give up eating because of choking. Because if you only watch TV for an hour or two with the doors and windows closed, it is not dangerous. It is only dangerous when the TV is on and the doors and windows are closed for hours. And as long as you open the window, this dangerous carcinogenic energy will disappear. So when watching TV, especially when watching TV continuously for more than 2 hours, you must remember to open the window

doors and windows have a great impact on life, which requires us to pay attention to the details of life, so as to bring us a more warm and safe living space


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