Most popular Mexico City Metro with rubber wheels

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Mexico City subway is equipped with rubber wheels

when waiting for a bus in Mexico City subway station, you can often smell the smell of burnt rubber. Newcomers will probably be surprised: where does the paste taste come from? Isn't it dangerous? Local people will explain with a smile that it is just the smell of wheels

the wheels of Metro Mexico City have their own characteristics. Most other countries use steel wheels, while Mexico City uses rubber tires. The reason is that there are some ways. First of all, Mocheng is located in the plateau Valley at an altitude of 2259 meters, and also on the ancient lake bed that has disappeared. Its geological structure is complex; In addition, in the urban area surrounded by mountains, the terrain is from high to low. With a rational and pragmatic attitude, the life cycle cost of rubber graphene cable may be lower than that of traditional products. Under such conditions, the wheels can drive more smoothly, the acceleration and braking are more sensitive, and the noise is much lower

however, the rubber wheel will generate high heat. In addition to the paste smell of friction with the track, it is uncomfortable to send it into the compartment without air conditioning. In addition, the load capacity of rubber wheels is low. It has given great support to our new project. In order to reduce tire pressure, each Metro in Mexico City only pulls 9 to 11 cars

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