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Microsoft's cloud services are blocked from entering China Tencent secretly deployed the topic of shared cloud on different occasions. Why is Microsoft so keen on public cloud? The trend of Microsoft in the past half year has revealed the strategic clue of its global cloud layout. In early november2012, Microsoft signed a cooperation agreement with 21vianet broadband data center. Microsoft will license technology to 21vianet, which will operate and provide the above services in China. After the cooperation takes effect, Microsoft provides customers with public cloud computing platform services including computing, storage, database, integration and networking services. Just a few months ago, Microsoft purchased yammer, a corporate social networking site, for $1.2 billion. Wall Street commented on this move that the acquisition of yammer may be Microsoft's attempt to fill the black hole of office software. This is the way that the world's largest companies use and select software is changing, and enterprise software is in an unprecedented rebirth. The paid commercial software market is changing, and SaaS based intuitive applications such as yammer, which are based on cloud and with social components, are becoming popular. China and even the global enterprise office cloud service market started the dispute

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yammer, as an important supplement to Microsoft's cloud services, currently has more than 5million enterprise users, including 85% of the employees of Fortune 500 enterprises, providing them with a free private social platform. It is undeniable that yammer's strength has been ahead of many mainstream products in the market. Yammer is a corporate social platform similar to Facebook. The difference is that yammer uses a corporate account to register and is mainly used by users It is an internal employee of the enterprise, and its purpose is mainly to communicate and cooperate with others. Yammer requires users to provide a working mailbox with an address of the enterprise domain name for automatic verification through enterprise mailbox registration. Its advantages are that it can not only reduce the cost of management, registration and verification of enterprise employees, but also reasonably verify the identity of enterprise employees

it is reported that after Microsoft acquired yammer, it can complete all the experiments required in the standard, which also inspired the Chinese market. Yammer made a series of adjustments after being acquired by Microsoft. First, we launched a private chat service, which allows yammer users to chat with other customers in their enterprise. Users can see who is, and then chat with one or more people. Similarly, some industry analysts pointed out that this move is intended to restrict Tencent. But as we all know, it is difficult for foreign IT companies to find successful cases in the Chinese market

according to the DC report, cloud computing services will create nearly 14million jobs worldwide by 2015, nearly half of which will be in China and India. From the perspective of cloud computing global enterprise market, the cloud service market should have a scale of 100 billion US dollars in 2012. It is conservatively estimated that China will also be at the level of 10 billion US dollars in 2016. Therefore, Microsoft is eager to build a Chinese Business Computing Cloud Service Platform in China

the cooperation between Microsoft and 21vianet is a good news for the entire enterprise level manufacturers, which means that many enterprises can follow this model to develop public cloud services in China, including IT giants such as IBM, Dell, Oracle, etc

however, due to policy restrictions and Microsoft's own operational problems, Microsoft cloud services, which are powerful in foreign countries, are difficult to promote in the Chinese market. On the contrary, the market is gradually eroded by Chinese enterprises

at the same time, due to the fact that the partners of Microsoft in the United Kingdom act in their own ways and share their interests unevenly, Microsoft, as the big brother in the IT industry, has always been arrogant and failed to properly handle the cooperation relationship. In the end, it lost everything and fell out of the front-line camp of the cloud service market. Microsoft has many advantages to be a public cloud. The only thing it lacks is a public cloud qualification

a customer who has used Microsoft's services for many years disclosed that Microsoft's relevant cloud service products can not improve the office efficiency of enterprises because their design concept focuses on foreign enterprises and is divorced from the actual application of domestic enterprises. Instead, after using an enterprise office software launched by Tencent, the efficiency of office assistance has been significantly improved

after the interview, we found that this customer is Wang Jun, the boss of an image production company. The company originally used to use the IT information system of large enterprises, but because employees are used to using it for communication, the internal utilization rate of CRM management software has been not ideal. At an industry summit, a friend introduced Mr. Wang to use the most popular enterprise office version. Mr. Wang's employees found that this software inherited the traditional login and use style, is very easy to use, conforms to the use habits of Chinese people, and its unique cloud service can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise mobile office

in the second half of 2012 alone, enterprise software giants Oracle, salesforce and Microsoft spent a lot of money on corporate social networking, spending a total of $2.25 billion on social software providers such as vitrue, buddy media and yammer respectively. The statistics of relevant data analysis agencies show that the scale of Enterprise Cloud Service Market will be $150billion by 2020. As China's Internet giant, Tencent now has several major pillar revenues, such as social networking, e-commerce and online games. Tencent must develop new businesses with growth potential in order to achieve a growth of 100 billion. In the face of such a huge enterprise service market, Tencent executives have not taken the initiative to fully enter the enterprise service market, but it is more like Tencent's consistent low-key style of making money. There are many guesses in the industry about Tencent's next enterprise service strategy. Whether it is to take the initiative to increase independent research and development to snipe at domestic and foreign competitors, or whether there are other plans can not be seen at present. However, the action of the software giant led by Microsoft seems to have predicted the direction of the transformation of traditional software providers like enterprise cloud services, which may be helpful to judge the direction of Tencent in the layout of enterprise products

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