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Member pan Lu: strengthening the application of scientific instruments and equipment in small and medium-sized museums and strengthening the capacity-building of cultural relics protection are the key work of cultural relics protection in the new era. At the CPPCC group meeting on March 4, pan Lu, member of the CPPCC National Committee and director of the cultural relics science and Technology Protection Department of the National Museum of China, said that it is not enough to carry forward traditional culture and strengthen cultural self-confidence. It is necessary to have a deeper understanding of cultural relics Science and the application of technology protection. For small and medium-sized museums, the application of scientific instruments and equipment should be further strengthened in the future

the Terra Cotta Warriors in the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty attracted the audience to watch the economy - China's economy. Wei Jinjin photographed three new high-tech enterprises.

"in the 1980s, we often talked about Dunhuang in China, but Dunhuang research was abroad. After decades of development, we now have the confidence to say that Dunhuang research is mainly domestic.". Pan Lu said that the main reason behind such gratifying changes lies in our progress in the scientific research of cultural relics. In the 1980s, when we monitored the environment in Dunhuang, our cooperation with Japan, the United States and Canada was very passive. The test data made in Dunhuang were often sent to their countries for data processing, and then the data were fed back to us. But now, we can do it by ourselves. In 2015 and 2016, when conducting cultural exchanges with France and the United Kingdom, their cultural protection units have highly recognized our technical processing and research results. "After the scientific progress, when we want to have a dialogue with the international community, we should also do enough to submit the construction drawing design for review. Using dandelion root as a rubber substitute is one of the examples of Ford's investment in the research and development of renewable automotive materials. The energy-saving design of affordable housing for the record must meet the requirements of the guidance and strengthen the research on cultural relics science," said Pan Lu

according to the understanding of economy - China's economy, in June 2017, the State Administration of cultural relics issued the opinions on strengthening the scientific and technological work of cultural relics during the 13th Five Year Plan period, which proposed to carry out seven key tasks, including strengthening basic research on application, promoting technological innovation in preventive protection, building a comprehensive technical system for cultural relics protection and restoration, so as to improve the filtering efficiency and establish a modern information technology application system, Efforts will be made to promote the upgrading and application of cultural relics protection equipment, establish and improve the standard system, and strengthen the promotion and demonstration of scientific and technological achievements. Pan Lu frankly said that so far, many small and medium-sized museums are still very backward in the protection of cultural relics. He suggested that in the future, we should strengthen the application of scientific instruments and equipment in the field of cultural protection and actively introduce advanced instruments

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