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Meritor launched a new type of crane axle layout off-road market

Meritor launched a new tensile testing machine operation method: Crane axle layout off-road market

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Guide: Recently, Meritor launched a new type of wharf tractor and all surface lifting locomotive bridge, strengthening its commitment to the global off-road axle business. The innovative features of the new drive axle specially designed for Wharf tractors include: the rated axle load is as high as 32000kg, and the total weight of the vehicle is as high as 130000kg, which makes it better than other types in the market

recently, Meritor launched new products of wharf tractor and all terrain crane axle, strengthening its commitment to the global off-road axle business

the innovative features of the new drive axle specially designed for Wharf tractors include: the rated axle load is up to 32000kg, and the total weight of the vehicle is up to 130000kg, which increases the load of 10000kg compared with other similar products in the market; Heavy main reducer and planetary gear side are adopted, and the speed ratio can be selected from 8.5 to 24.8; With professional gear processing technology, the noise is lower and the driver's comfort is higher

However, at that time, due to the immature development of large-scale integrated circuits

the new heavy-duty axle speed ratio for all terrain cranes was available from 8.5 to 14.2. The adoption of elsa250 air disc brake provided better safety performance for road and off-road vehicles

the newly launched drive axle of wharf tractor and the heavy-duty axle of all road crane can customize the axle shell section and width, which can meet the requirements of different bearing capacity and track width while ensuring reliability and durability

timbowes, vice president and President of commercial trucks and industrial vehicles of Meritor, said: "Meritor's customer base is expanding day by day. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have invested in product design, development and manufacturing capacity, and successfully launched various products. We have formulated a clear strategy to expand off-road business to meet the expected demand based on" connectivity + "in the future."

Meritor's customer demand-oriented strategy aims to respond quickly to market demand and provide customers with unique customization ability, excellent quality and durability. This strategy is supported by Meritor's worldwide engineering technology and manufacturing resources, as well as its highly recognized after-sales market parts and service network in the industry

Meritor is committed to providing flexible and modular design for customized solutions for customers in the off highway market. As part of this commitment, Meritor has switched to the processing method of welded axle housing parts, with multiple sizes and no need to reopen the mold, thus greatly reducing the production cost and significantly reducing the production delivery time. In addition, the company also adopts advanced gear manufacturing technology to meet the needs of assembling planetary gear edges and differentials on cranes, wharf tractors, loaders, mining trucks and forklifts

Xuzhou Meichi axle Co., Ltd., located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, is a joint venture between Meichi and its long-term partner XCMG group. Off highway power train components are produced in Xuzhou Meritor and Meritor's manufacturing base in Newark, Ohio. As a leading manufacturer of off highway axles in China, Meritor's strategic focus is to expand its business to all key regions in the world

bowes said: "with its profound professional experience in designing and manufacturing heavy-duty axles for commercial vehicle customers and its strong off-road manufacturing strength in China, Meritor is ready to expand its off-road business and seize the opportunities in the global market."

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