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The plan of promoting methanol gasoline in Shaanxi Province was postponed

the plan of comprehensively promoting methanol gasoline in Shaanxi Province from October 1 will be shelved. According to the national alcohol ether fuel and alcohol ether clean vehicle professional committee, the promotion of methanol gasoline in Shaanxi Province will be postponed due to the influence of filling system and market promotion. Moreover, the later promotion will not quickly enter the province for closed use, and only pilot promotion will be carried out in some small market areas

there are variables in market recognition

as the main supplier of methanol gasoline, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group said that at present, it has not received the promotion notice from the local government, and several of its methanol gasoline blending centers have not been officially put into operation

Xiwang energy analysts said that it is more likely that the promotion of methanol gasoline in Shaanxi Province will start from social gas stations in the later stage, but most private gas stations do not seem to be actively promoting methanol gasoline. Shaanxi PetroChina also said that up to now, the company has not received any notice on the promotion and implementation of methanol gasoline

on the premise that the state has no clear attitude towards the promotion of methanol gasoline, Sinopec President WangTianPu once made it clear: "we do not want M15 methanol gasoline to be put on the market." The statement of Sinopec senior management seems to suggest that the promotion of methanol gasoline in the later stage will be more bumpy. Faced with this problem, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that the lack of support from Sinopec would not affect the promotion and operation of methanol gasoline in Shaanxi in the later stage

it is understood that in Shaanxi Province, PetroChina has 26% gas stations, while Sinopec has less than 100 gas stations, accounting for about 2.3% of the total number of gas stations in Shaanxi Province. In addition, Hebei Province, which planned to promote methanol gasoline in Tangshan on October 1 this year, is still in the preliminary planning assumption, and there is no further specific work arrangement

the market has a wait-and-see attitude towards methanol gasoline

as early as five years ago, Shaanxi provincial government made an overall deployment for the development of methanol gasoline. On july4,2005, Shaanxi Provincial methanol gasoline leading group was established to make the demonstration, promotion and application of methanol gasoline fuel enter the implementation stage. The test period is two years, and pilot projects have been carried out in public transportation and taxis in Yan'an, Baoji, Yulin and Xi'an

however, during this period, the national standard for methanol gasoline has not been issued. In addition, the market has doubts about the insufficient power of methanol gasoline, the lubrication of engine and the corrosivity of methanol, so the actual promotion effect is poor and the market acceptance is general. Therefore, the first promotion of methanol gasoline in Shaanxi Province was unsuccessful

in 2007, the National Standards Committee assigned a task to complete the establishment of three standards for methanol gasoline, two of which were entrusted to Shaanxi Province. The Shaanxi provincial government gave great financial and human support, and entrusted Chang'an University to formulate the standard for denatured fuel methanol. At present, the standard has been completed in 2008, passed the review at all levels, and submitted to the National Standards Committee. Another national standard, M15 methanol gasoline for vehicles, has been sorted out based on the local technical standard system of Shaanxi Province

although there are still some problems with methanol gasoline at present, the advanced automation system is not limited to one test question, but after five years of pilot research, in may2010, Shaanxi Provincial Department of science and technology still or how to buffer under the current situation, issued the document of Shaanxi Ke Ji Fa [2010] No. 49, and listed the extension of the "application and promotion of methanol gasoline preparation technology" project of Zhongli new energy Co., Ltd. into the 2010 science and technology research and development plan of Shaanxi Province, The project is supported by the government, and the project number is "2010tg-06". Since then, the promotion of methanol gasoline in 2010 has been put on the agenda again

it is understood that only about 10 private gas stations have reached cooperation intention in Shaanxi, including 6 in Baoji and 4 in Hanzhong. Zhang Bin, an analyst at Zhuo Chuang information, told the newspaper that although the promotion has given greater support in terms of policies, the overall market still has a wait-and-see attitude towards methanol gasoline. At the same time, the price of methanol gasoline is also one of the focuses of the market. However, Yanchang neutral has not yet determined the price of methanol gasoline. Insiders often predict that methanol gasoline is lower than ordinary gasoline by yuan/ton, and there is still a certain profit margin, but the acceptance of methanol in the market is still uncertain

supporting policies will play a key role

with the approaching of the work plan of promoting the use of methanol gasoline in Shaanxi Province on October 1, Yanchang Zhongli new energy Co., Ltd., as the only designated methanol gasoline production and sales unit in Shaanxi Province, has recently held consecutive special meetings to improve and refine the deployment of promotion work in order to ensure the smooth implementation of this work

on the morning of July 29, Yanchang Zhongli new energy Co., Ltd. held a special session of methanol gasoline simulation and promotion drill

in late August, Yanchang Zhongli Baoji and Hanzhong branches began to visit gas stations to promote the layout of methanol gasoline

according to relevant personnel of Yanchang neutral, during the visit and promotion in late August, there were many problems. The key is that the market awareness is insufficient and the promotion effect is not ideal. Yanchang Zhongli therefore formulated the work arrangement of "first Baoji, then Hanzhong, and gradually promote methanol gasoline throughout the province". At the same time, the network development department is also actively coordinating the joint venture and cooperation with gas stations such as expressway Yanchang, traffic Yanchang, etc

although the promotion of methanol gasoline has been supported by Shaanxi provincial government, it is still difficult from the external environment. Not long ago, Sinopec President WangTianPu made it clear at the group company's interim performance conference that "methanol may cause human health problems in the process of use, so Sinopec does not want a low proportion of M15 methanol gasoline to be put on the market. However, after a high proportion of M85 methanol gasoline is put on the market, it is not necessary to promote its use at present because it needs to be used after the automobile engine is modified."

the electronic tensile testing machine of Zhuo Chuang Zi Ji Nan new period gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. is a testing machine used for mechanical property tests such as static load, tension, contraction, zigzag, shear and stripping. Zhang Bin, an analyst at the news, said that with the approach of promoting methanol gasoline (M15) in Shaanxi, the market reaction still needs to be tested. Most local operators also said that the attractiveness of methanol gasoline was mainly focused on the price 30-60 days ago. However, at present, Shaanxi Province has sufficient overall gasoline resources, and low-cost resources impact the market, which will become a resistance to the promotion of methanol gasoline in a short time

Zhang Bin said that in terms of market conditions, the acceptance of methanol gasoline in the market is not ideal, and Sinopec also made it clear that it does not support the promotion of methanol gasoline, which cast a great shadow on the later use of methanol gasoline

however, in the long run, the promotion and use of methanol gasoline is consistent with the national low-carbon and energy-saving development policy. Therefore, to make a big breakthrough in the promotion and use of methanol gasoline, the introduction of relevant national support policies will play a very key role

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