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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - the best cloud integrated business application solution

Microsoft (the sponsor partner of Genesys g-summit Customer Experience Conference) released the heavyweight cloud strategic solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the end of last year. Today, I will introduce Microsoft's new generation of cloud business application solutions in detail

Microsoft Dynamics 365 best cloud integrated business application solution your best solutions, even better together

microsoft dynamics 365, as Microsoft's cloud strategic transformation product, creates the best cloud integrated solution by integrating the original dynam2015 ICs CRM and ERP solutions, adding customized application modules and embedded intelligent insight and analysis functions. Dynamic machines are of good or bad quality. The OS 365 integrates Microsoft's core productivity tools office 365, Cortana artificial intelligence and data analysis supported by power Bi. The advent of this revolutionary cloud business application solution will not only change the current situation of the enterprise application market, but also become the business foundation for enterprise expansion and accelerate the process of enterprise data transformation

dynamics 365's unique value to enterprises

dynamics 365 is a new cloud based intelligent business solution. It is committed to accelerating the digital transformation process for the entire enterprise user through unprecedented business processes, enabling your enterprise or organization to accurately match the needs of its users, and quickly grasp new market opportunities to meet the needs of enterprises or organizations at all stages of growth, expansion and transformation

start on demand

contains a variety of applications, It is suitable for different roles, industries and businesses. Enterprises can purchase it on demand, and add

at any time and efficiently

seamlessly integrate familiar tools such as office 365 with their own cloud migration rhythm, integrate into business processes, and improve employees' work efficiency

Intelligent Built-in

provide forward-looking guidance through built-in intelligent functions such as big data, advanced analysis, azure IOT

flexible expansion

through modern, unified With an extensible platform, enterprises can change and evolve their business processes in real time, and transform according to their own development speed. What is dynamics 365

dynamics 365 integrates the original dynamics CRM and ERP products into a unified cloud service solution, which can flexibly provide more targeted enterprise management applications, and refine the functions into multiple applications, including sales, operation, finance, customer service, field service, market marketing, project service automation and other functions. Customers can purchase on demand, and integrate Microsoft's capabilities in the fields of productivity, intelligent analysis, big data, IOT, etc. based on shared data models and unified development platforms, so as to continuously help enterprises and organizations develop and expand

what are the new features of each function module of dynamics 365, How can we help enterprises and organizations optimize their operations and business processes "Many famous automobile manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers have installed duo injection molding machines in their factories?

Industry or individual, generate sales leads, and the forward-looking intelligent function helps salespeople focus on the right sales leads. In addition, the Gamification function enables the sales team to collaborate and compete in interesting and interactive competitions, and stimulate better performance through highly visual competition results

customer service

help enterprises provide an end-to-end unified platform, cross self-service and various auxiliary service channels, and use insight and rich resources to create personalized and unified service experience across multiple channels. Build a 360 degree customer view, understand customer history, preferences, customer aspirations, and conduct personalized interaction. Through the visual user interface, customer service representatives at different levels are provided with role-based customized experience, providing them with the best action suggestions for the next step, and providing support for sales leads

on site service

helps enterprises better create scheduling plans based on geographical location, customer preferences, availability and service level agreements (SLAs), reducing the driving time of technicians to different workplaces. Through forward-looking alerts from interconnected devices, remote detection, diagnosis and resolution of problems before customers find them. Interconnected on-site services help enterprises repair, clean or replace components for customers as needed, and only dispatch the best technical personnel when necessary to reduce maintenance costs. Improve the quality and efficiency of on-site service, the success rate of first-time maintenance, customer satisfaction and resource utilization, and transfer the enterprise from the costly failure and repair mode to a more efficient and predictable service mode

project services

powerful end-to-end solutions provide a unified platform for customer interaction for project oriented organizations, covering sales, resource planning, project implementation and expense list. Help the organization to provide better customer interaction and timely project delivery for customers within the budget. Through the integrated scheduling engine, optimize the resource allocation required in different service modes to ensure that the right people do the right thing at the right time. The automated project process experience provides powerful, easy-to-use and mobile productivity tools for projects, customers and partners, which can update the progress of deliverables in real time and monitor the status of projects

the operation module relies on the original dynamics on azure. Through intelligent operation and flexible deployment, it helps enterprises make smart decisions faster through real-time intelligent insight, and makes business processes faster to meet business needs. Provide a series of mobile application experiences to help retail store employees to view transaction records, manage customer orders, carry out daily operations and manage warehousing with mobile devices anywhere in the store. Consumers can also use mobile devices to browse and search products and quickly complete their shopping experience. In addition to the retail industry, the complete industry business solutions provided by the operation module also involve distribution, manufacturing, supply chain management and service fields

comprehensive business management solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises are also fully available. Relying on Microsoft cloud platform, it provides powerful services of basic accounting software to meet all small and medium-sized enterprises. The finance module integrates office 365 and intelligence to provide higher productivity for users of small and medium-sized enterprises. The intelligent cash flow forecast based on Cortana is introduced to provide professional insight into the key business processes of small and medium-sized enterprise customers

voice from customers:

Sandvik, the world's top tool manufacturer

in Sandvik, dynamics 365 has deeply integrated different powerful and intelligent systems: with the assistance of azure lot suite and Cortana intelligence, we collect data in real time, obtain real information about the processing process, improve the efficiency of the workflow, and save millions of dollars for our customers; Using cloud services, it provides instant suggestions on cutting parameters, speeds and information feeds, imports these data into the CRM system, synchronizes them to the call center, and supports customers in real time to estimate when to replace and order cutting tools and master prop use skills

Klas Forsstr? m. Group president, Sandvik

Renault F1 team

we know that dynamics 365 is built on the latest technology and can help us easily obtain the required services. This solution is more in line with our internal software architecture. From the perspective of function points and the needs of team members, it meets our needs of collecting, processing and sending massive data in real time, and provides deep insight and strong support for high-level decision-making. Thanks to dynamics 365, we are more smoothly advancing our digital transformation

mark Everest, is R & D Manager, Renault F1 Team

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