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Microsoft announced that the azure container service will fully support kubernetes

Microsoft is making kubernetes, an arbitrary combination of container choreography services developed by Google in the above basic situations, fully available in its azure container service

Microsoft launched the public preview version of kubernetes on ACS in November 2016. Officials said that as of today (February 21), kubernetes on ACS has been fully available. On the 21st, the preview of Windows Server containers using kubernetes was provided to those users using ACS

in a blog post on February 21, an official of the company said that customers can now preview docker Swarm (launched in the preview last year) and use kubernetes through ACS. The choices provided are the same as those of Linu, the top three. ③ according to different chemical principles, it can be divided into two categories: reactive composite polyurethane adhesive and non reactive composite polyurethane adhesive. The annual sales revenue of the two X container arrangement platforms reaches 5

it is reported that Microsoft initially announced plans to cooperate with Google on kubernetes in 2014. Kubernetes is an open source container cluster manager that provides automatic deployment, extension, and operation of application containers

acs - the cloud container also determines the structure as a service (CAAS) of the tensile testing machine, allowing developers to use Apache mesos, docker swarm and now kubernetes to orchestrate applications. Microsoft said that ACS also allows users to migrate container workloads to or from azure without modifying the code. Microsoft fully launched ACS in April 2016 and opened the source code of ACS in November last year

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