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Zhangchunxian, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, visited Weichai on the afternoon of March 21, accompanied by Gongzheng, deputy secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, liushuguang, Secretary of the CPC Weifang Municipal Committee, and other provincial and municipal leaders, zhangchunxian, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and deputy leader of the CPC Central Committee's construction leading group, visited Weichai and fully affirmed the achievements of Weichai's structural adjustment, And encourage Weichai to make persistent efforts, give full play to the traditional advantages of Party organizations in state-owned enterprises, and promote made in China to create in China

from the current technology, zhangchunxian, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, inspected the Weichai enterprise history and culture corridor. Accompanied by tanxuguang, zhangchunxian and his delegation visited the Weichai information technology exhibition hall. In the exhibition area of the enterprise history corridor, Weichai has attracted visitors for 70 years

In 1946, Weichai was a military enterprise under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. In 1948, Weichai moved to Fangzi, Weixian county to produce 15 HP and 40 HP low-speed diesel engines. In 1953, it was officially renamed as Weifang Diesel Engine Factory. From then on, Weichai embarked on the road of professional production of diesel engines and their supporting products

science and technology exhibition hall

in the prologue Hall of the science and technology exhibition hall, a performance chart showing the development and changes of Weichai attracted zhangchunxian's attention, Tanxuguang, chairman of Weichai group, said: "when I was the factory director in 1998, the sales revenue was only RMB 500million. By 2016, the battery with the brand name of Alta pack was equipped with a sheath. Our sales revenue exceeded RMB 130billion. In the past 20 years, Weichai has maintained a compound annual growth rate of 40%."

hearing that Weichai's development is on the one hand its own efforts, and on the other hand it has caught up with the great opportunity of national development, zhangchunxian said: without national development, there will be no enterprise development, and without enterprise development, the country will have less power to develop

where overseas mergers and acquisitions go, the party organization will be built.

in the product exhibition area, tanxuguang introduced Weichai's powertrain and overseas business products to zhangchunxian and his delegation

for Weichai's subsidiaries at home and abroad, Zhang assumed that after checking these details, when Chunxian asked how to manage so many subsidiaries at the same time, tanxuguang made a high summary with "eight words and four things". He said that we mainly manage "team, assessment, budget and investment"

three chapters of the constitution

in front of the Weichai party construction work exhibition area, three chapters of the constitution came into view. The pendulum is connected with the main machine through 1 pendulum rotating shaft; The standard sample unhooking device for pendulum impact testing machine includes: electromagnetic iron absorption and support seat for electromagnetic iron absorption. In 1998, tanxuguangfu proposed three rules for more than 10000 employees when he took office. In the past 20 years, under the requirements of the three chapters of the constitution, the leading cadres of Weichai have set an example and led the enterprise to a new level

zhangchunxian said that Weichai's three chapters on the law fully reflects the important role of Party building. The three key words are "dare to grasp and manage", "real work" and "honesty and probity". The "three chapters on the law" still has a strong practical significance

international Weichai

in the past 20 years, Weichai has always adhered to the party's unshakeable leadership over state-owned enterprises, and has always maintained a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee, and has adhered to the unity of strengthening the party's leadership and improving corporate governance, ensuring that the leadership core and political core role of the party organization have been brought into full play. Wherever Weichai's overseas mergers and acquisitions go, the party organization will be built, The political advantages of state-owned enterprises have been brought into full play

zhangchunxian affirmed Weichai's party building work. He said that state-owned enterprises have traditional political advantages. Party organizations and enterprises tide over difficulties together. It is a symbol of credibility and can play a leading role

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