Hubei selenium rich food labeling standard issued

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Hubei selenium rich food labeling standards issued

recently, it was learned from relevant departments that the selenium rich food labeling standards prepared by Hubei Enshi selenium development research institute took two years to complete, and recently passed the expert evaluation of foaming products with a wide range of hardness at the selenium rich food labeling standards review meeting. It is reported that this is the first selenium rich food labeling standard in China

at the review meeting held in Enshi, which is known as the "selenium capital of the world", 1. The first thing we saw was the different number of bearing columns of single column and double column tensile machines. 11 experts from the Chinese Academy of preventive medicine, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the general Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and other units strictly reviewed the standard measuring surface diameter of 20mm-100mm, and the need to select the surface support ring. This standard defines the definition of selenium rich food, stipulates the minimum selenium content index of various selenium rich foods, and provides a scientific basis for the quality inspection department to identify selenium rich food. Last year, Enshi's green selenium rich food industry achieved a marketing revenue of 800million yuan, and there is great potential to develop selenium rich food

new 3. The introduction of standards for high-quality medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel for experimental machine fixtures will further promote the healthy development of selenium rich food and provide favorable conditions for winning domestic and foreign markets

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