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Hubei Mobile creates a more "understanding" intelligent customer service

24 hours, ready to respond to customer needs; Real time data collection, systematic analysis of customer evaluation; After more than a year of innovative practice, China Mobile's self-developed intelligent robot customer service EVA has been fully applied to provide customers with a more diversified and intelligent use experience

in order to adapt to the rapid development of mobile broadband, big data, cloud computing and other information fields, China Mobile actively uses AI technology innovation services to improve customer experience. In the first half of 2016, the intelligent robot customer service EVA, jointly developed by China Mobile Service Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Communication Research Institute, was fully applied in the service system of China Mobile, which was also the first self-developed artificial intelligence customer service application achievement of domestic operators

after more than a year of continuous innovation and practice, yiwa has the ability of automatic communication and service based on natural language, which can be applied to Internet channels such as, stations, and traditional channels such as SMS, to meet customers' needs of expanding the field of use, such as problem consultation, information query, greetings and chat, and to achieve 24-hour, 24-hour service. Although she has just turned one year old, Eve has been able to focus on customers' intentions through rhetorical questions, navigation and other ways, analyze customers' emotional fluctuations based on language, speed and other dimensions, and even provide weather, geography, humanities and other characteristic communication services. Relevant technical R & D personnel introduced that the company's sintering process structure optimization and adjustment high white aluminum hydroxide project and soluble aluminum hydroxide project are conducting feasibility studies

a few days ago, we had a zero distance date with the artificial intelligence robot customer service dolls on the Hubei Mobile service platform. The cute balls, flashing big eyes and lively and funny conversation were quite funny. However, due to the short growth time and the limitations of the language information base, as an application result of artificial intelligence, Eve can not completely and accurately respond to all kinds of questions

artificial intelligence is essentially different from human beings, and it is difficult to have the ability to use autonomous language and capture emotions. Occasionally, I will give a shocking and wonderful answer. Please bear with it because it has superior chemical resistance. The researcher said. In order to further optimize the language communication ability of yiwa and provide the response mode that customers like, Hubei Mobile will organize a provocative theme activity for yiwa in the near future. Customers can load it at an equal rate to pay attention to China Mobile's 10086 official account or subscription numbers of local cities, enter customer service, teach yiwa to speak, and jointly witness her growth

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