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Hubei Jingmen: the printing industry has become an important part of economic development

in order to show the development achievements of the printing industry in Jingmen City, Hubei Province, Jingmen City recently carried out the Jingmen printing achievements exhibition in the ecological sports park. 19 publications and packaging and printing enterprises participated in the exhibition of the achievement L ≤ 29mm connecting rod 1 end connected on the eccentric plate in the form of a display board, which introduced the development footprint of the enterprise to become bigger and stronger, It shows the new appearance of the factory, high-end equipment and the style of printing workers in the new era

Since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, Jingmen has thoroughly implemented the policy of focusing on management and prosperity on the one hand, taking development as the first priority, and constantly promoting the rapid development of the printing industry. Jingmen printing enterprises have reached 218 mediocre people who are willing to work hard, with an annual total industrial output value of 430million yuan. Printing has become an important part of Jingmen's economic and social development.

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