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Hubei carries out special inspection on printing and reproduction enterprises

publishing bureaus of cities, prefectures, cities directly under the provincial administration, and Shennongjia Forest Region:

in order to implement the spirit of the first national video conference on combating pornography and illegal publications in 2009, according to our bureau's Circular on carrying out special inspection on printing and reproduction enterprises (e.x.q. [2009] No. 42), Now, the relevant matters of the second stage special inspection action due to the high degree of automation are notified as follows:

first, the inspection time is

June 2009, and its purpose is to maintain Germany's leading position in intelligent manufacturing technology from January 1 to the end of July

II. Inspection contents

1. Execution of the printing power of attorney of the publishing unit (including periodicals, newspapers, internal information publications)

2. Supporting documents of accepting the Commission to print overseas publications

3. Implementation of five systems (printing verification, printing registration, printing storage, printing delivery, and destruction of defective products in printing activities)

4. The printing of publications involving the scope of major topics needs to check the relevant procedures or submit them to the relevant departments for verification

III. inspection arrangement

1. On the basis of the first stage of comprehensive inspection, all localities should organize special forces to carry out key inspections in key areas, key enterprises and enterprises that have violated laws and regulations. We should focus on cracking down on illegal publications and strictly investigate and deal with illegal printing activities

2. The provincial bureau plans to organize six inspection teams to carry out supervision and spot check from July 1 to 3. Listen to the reports of the second stage special inspection carried out by various regions, randomly check enterprises with sponge pulling machine, communicate with local management departments on the problems found, and form work minutes

8. Displacement test method of electronic tensile testing machine:

3. Before July 31, all localities will write a written report on the second stage of special inspection and submit it to the printing and reproduction management office of our bureau

June 2, 2009

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