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Hubei: Suizhou Municipal Bureau implemented five hard measures to carry out three-year remediation action for hazardous wastes

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core tip: in order to further strengthen the environmental supervision of hazardous wastes, Fully implement the "three year action implementation plan for national special rectification of hazardous wastes". Recently, Suizhou Ecological Environment Bureau issued five hard measures. In order to further strengthen the environmental supervision of hazardous wastes and fully implement the "three year action implementation plan for national special rectification of hazardous wastes", Suizhou Ecological Environment Bureau recently issued five hard measures, specifying that from July 2020, the city's chemical parks, hazardous waste generating units Hazardous waste disposal units, hazardous chemical production units and other key industrial enterprises have carried out three-year special rectification

list management key units. In combination with the special treatment of hazardous waste in 2019 and the data of the second national census of pollution sources, environmental statistics, pollutant discharge permits, etc., establish and improve the list of municipal hazardous waste generating units, the list of licensed hazardous waste centralized utilization and disposal units, the list of units with hazardous waste self-use and disposal facilities, and the list of key hazardous waste environmental supervision units; Urge relevant enterprises to declare the production, storage, transfer, utilization and disposal of hazardous waste through the information system, and organize business training and guidance for the principals and relevant persons of enterprises (Institutions) and business units involved in hazardous waste in the city every year; Regularly review the implementation of the management plan, declaration and registration, transfer slip, business submission and other systems by relevant enterprises in the Hubei hazardous waste supervision IOT system

pull check environmental protection specifications. Focusing on the relevant enterprises and parks within the remediation scope, we will thoroughly investigate the implementation of relevant legal systems and standards and specifications for environmental protection in the process of hazardous waste generation, collection, storage, transfer, utilization and disposal, and carry out daily supervision and law enforcement and "double random and one public" to inspect the generation, collection, storage, transfer, utilization and disposal of hazardous waste; For the hazardous wastes declared by the enterprise that are explosive, flammable and emit toxic gases under normal temperature and pressure, it is important to check whether the enterprise has been pretreated before storage to ensure stable storage

strengthen the whole process supervision with an iron hand. Carry out technical verification and spot check of environmental assessment documents, and strictly implement the effective connection mechanism between the approval of hazardous waste business license and the approval of environmental impact assessment documents; Carry out spot checks on the implementation of the "three Simultaneities" of construction projects in key industries within the scope of special rectification and the acceptance of environmental protection after the completion of construction projects. If the types, quantities, utilization and disposal methods of hazardous wastes are seriously inconsistent with the environmental impact assessment documents, urge relevant enterprises to rectify as soon as possible in accordance with the existing hazardous waste laws and regulations, environmental impact assessment guidelines and other documents. At the same time, we will carry out evaluation on the generation, utilization and disposal capacity of hazardous waste and the prevention and control of pollution in the operation of facilities, and promote the improvement of the utilization and disposal capacity of hazardous waste

zero tolerance to crack down on illegal acts. Focusing on medical waste, waste acid, waste lead-acid batteries, waste mineral oil and other hazardous wastes, we will organize and carry out rectification actions against environmental violations and crimes of hazardous wastes once a year. In combination with the implementation of the "special waste treatment action of medical institutions" and law enforcement inspection activities of ten ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of ecological environment, we will continue to crack down on the environmental violations of hazardous waste, the technical specification CECS 21:2000 for ultrasonic detection of concrete defects, discover the suspected environmental violations of hazardous waste decomposition temperature of 190 ℃ ~210 ℃, and transfer them to the public security organ in time; If it is found that key industrial enterprises, hazardous chemical production units and hazardous waste disposal units have not implemented safety production management systems such as safety evaluation or have problems in safety, fire protection and other aspects, relevant clues shall be handed over to emergency management departments in a timely manner; And organize media unannounced visits to expose environmental violations of hazardous waste

comprehensively strengthen supervision and inspection. Suizhou ecological environment bureau holds a special meeting regularly (every six months) to listen to the report on the special rectification work, study the key work and strengthen the measures for improvement; Use all kinds of media to encourage and guide the masses, especially the internal employees of enterprises, to report major environmental hazards and violations; Timely organize the investigation, inspection and supervision of the implementation in various regions. Resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy, and be irresponsible and inactive for the rectification work found, the division of labor is not implemented, the measures are not effective, and the hidden dangers of major problems are falsely rectified and perfunctorily rectified. If the target task is not completed within the time limit, the national standard of 150 kg force will be notified within the city, and the Transfer accountability will be implemented in accordance with the discipline and law

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