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In the past 2005, Hubei Packaging Technology Association conscientiously implemented the spirit of the 16th CPC National Congress and the fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 16th CPC Central Committee, took the opportunity of carrying out the educational activities to maintain the advancement of Communist Party members, comprehensively implemented the scientificoutlookondevelopment, closely focused on the economic work and Industry reality of the province, explored and innovated, and conscientiously performed its duties, The work objectives and tasks determined at the beginning of the year were well completed

with advantageous private enterprises as the leader, we will jointly build central China International Packaging Industrial Park

in order to develop the sector economy and form a new packaging industry cluster, since last year, hujiandage Provincial Packaging Association has invested a lot of energy, and has done some coordination and service work within its power to speed up the construction of central China International Packaging Industrial Park, especially focusing on strengthening the communication and liaison with China Packaging Federation and relevant provincial and municipal departments, And assisted the project implementation unit to focus on the preliminary work such as the overall planning, business plan, market research and demonstration of the project. So far, following the Kexin group, two private enterprises, Qingcheng group and Shengshi packaging, have joined the project. Under the banner of "Central China International Packaging", three private enterprises have gathered, initially forming a "three-point flowering" and distinctive "three pillars" in the three towns of Wuhan (Wuchang, Hankou and Hannan). The first is the central China International Packaging and Printing City Project (located in Changjiang village next to Baishazhou bridge in Wuchang) with Kexin group as the main body. The project is one of 51 projects officially signed by Hubei Province at the Hong Kong investment week last year, with a planned investment of 890million yuan. Since the signing of the cooperation intention of joint investment and development with Hong Kong HUAFA International Group in May last year, the official project approval has been obtained at the provincial development and Reform Commission in August last year. Since then, with the strong support of provincial and municipal leaders and Hongshan District Party committee, Kexin group has officially signed an 800 mu land transfer contract with Changjiang village, Qingling Township, in November last year. At present, the planning and design of the project and the declaration of land use indicators are also in full swing. Second, the central China printing and packaging industrial park project (mainly focusing on gathering packaging production, processing and raw material supply enterprises) with Qingcheng group as the main body is located in Shamao Township, Hannan District (about 8 minutes' drive from Zhuankou economic development zone and 35 kilometers from Hankou railway station), covering an area of 1700 mu (including a construction area of 740000 square meters), with a planned investment of 800million yuan. The first phase of the project, with a construction area of 200000 square meters, has been basically completed since the official commencement of construction on September 26 last year. 47 packaging and printing enterprises have signed a people's Park agreement with Qingcheng group. Third, it is the central China International Packaging urban industrial park with Wuhan Shengshi Packaging Co., Ltd. as the main body, located in Gutian 1st Road, Yankou District, covering an area of 300 mu. At present, in addition to the full completion of the new Shengshi packaging plant with a construction area of 25000 square meters, a standardized plant covering an area of about 110 Mu has been built in the park for foreign investment. The remaining 150 mu of land is also being further coordinated and negotiated in a planned and step-by-step manner under the unified deployment of Yankou District Committee

taking the opportunity of implementing the No. 107 document of the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Finance issued the No. 107 document last July in order to encourage the packaging industry to develop new products and adopt new technologies. The document stipulates that since 2005, the state has allocated special funds every year to support the product development, technological innovation and technological promotion of high-tech projects in the packaging industry. This special project adopts two support methods: free subsidy and loan interest discount (that is, for R & D projects mainly invested by self financing, free subsidy is generally adopted; for R & D projects mainly invested by bank loans for system settings, loan interest discount is adopted). The amount of subsidy is generally controlled within 5million yuan for each project. In order to make full use of the national support policies for the industry, constantly enhance the development stamina and vitality of packaging enterprises in Hubei Province, and further enhance the cohesion and radiation of the association itself. After receiving the documents, the association communicated with the Department of Finance in a timely manner. On the premise of their approval, the association took the initiative to undertake the review of the qualification conditions and relevant materials of the declared enterprises in the province. In a short week, the 18 packaging R & D projects reported by various regions, which were transferred from the Department of finance but were made by hand, were prioritized, scored one by one, and timely put forward the preliminary review opinions. At the same time, we strengthened the project tracking of R & D funds and lost no time in maintaining close contact and communication with the Ministry of Finance and China Packaging Federation, so that two of the six packaging R & D projects recommended by Hubei Province were officially shortlisted. On November 14, 2005, the Ministry of Finance officially issued a notice on the budget (allocation) of high-tech R & D funds in the packaging industry, in which the technology research and development project of automatic high-strength multi-layer (double arch) corrugated board production line of Lake chain tensile machine and Jingshan light machine in northern province and the development and application project of soft roller calender of Shashi light machine received 1million yuan of free state funding respectively

Relying on the geographical advantages of the thoroughfare of nine provinces, the fifth Wuhan International Packaging Expo was successfully held. The fifth Wuhan International Packaging Expo was held in Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 3 to 5 last year, attracting famous and high-quality packaging enterprises and growth-oriented enterprises at home and abroad. 22. The thickness of the test piece should be measured after cooling; 16, 307 exhibition booths. According to rough statistics, during the whole exhibition period, the on-site transaction amount was 120million yuan, intentional orders were signed about 300 million yuan, and the number of visitors reached more than 30000. This packaging Expo almost gathered the cutting-edge technologies and latest products in the field of packaging and printing, packaging containers, packaging materials and packaging equipment. Among them, there are Jingshan light machinery, the world's largest corrugated box production line manufacturer, Shanghai Electric, beiren group and Lianqiang group, the three leading enterprises of national printing equipment, Fust, the largest and most profitable film production base in Central China, and a large number of well-known brands and advantageous enterprises at home and abroad, such as Mitsubishi, Hong Kong screen, Taiwan Bisheng, Beijing gaoshu, Tianhong plastic printing, Shengshi packaging, Huagong image, etc. In particular, Shanghai Electric Group led its companies and their affiliated enterprises to participate in the exhibition in a unified group, which not only fully demonstrated the strong economic strength of the enterprise, but also the technical content of its exhibits became a highlight of this Expo. It should be said that this is a packaging event integrating product exhibition, trade negotiation, technical cooperation, information exchange and other functions. It is also one of the largest and most influential professional exhibitions in Central China so far

take serving the grassroots and facing the industry as its own responsibility, and timely build the provincial packaging industry information service platform

in order to provide more convenient, fast, high-quality and efficient information services for the majority of packaging enterprises, further expand the service space of the association and improve work efficiency, on the eve of the Spring Festival last year, the association adhered to the purpose of serving enterprises, grassroots and member units, and took the principles of technology, authority, foresight and service, On the premise of registration with the provincial communications administration, Hubei packaging and central China packaging were launched in time after repeated consultation with Meiji Technology Co., Ltd. Due to the information link between Hubei packaging and China packaging, especially the key packaging enterprises in the province, the browsing station can not only see the general situation of the packaging industry in the province and even the whole country, but also timely understand the production and operation status of individual enterprises in the province, so it has been highly praised by insiders

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