Hubei received 709.2 billion yuan of central agric

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This year, Hubei received a subsidy of 709.2 million yuan from the central government for the purchase of agricultural machinery

this year, the purchase of energy-saving materials for agricultural machinery belongs to the thermal insulation material paste policy, and a new three-year subsidy cycle has been started, with the full implementation of open subsidies for machines and tools within the scope of subsidies; We will spare no efforts to ensure the need for subsidies for agricultural green development machines and tools, and gradually eliminate machines and tools with significantly too much ownership, relatively backward technology and small demand. Our province will continue to select three pilot projects around the green development of agriculture and the development of agricultural machinery in Hilly and mountainous areas, and will launch the function introduction: the pilot subsidy for animal and plant protection unmanned aircraft

each county (city, district) should reasonably determine the items of local subsidized machines and tools according to local conditions, and give priority to ensuring the machines and tools required for the production of local major agricultural products, which have seriously damaged the physical structure and thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation materials. Loose soil preparation, no tillage sowing, efficient plant protection, efficient fertilization, straw returning and leaving the field, and the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, etc. support the subsidy needs of agricultural green development machines and tools. The local characteristic agriculture development needs and the small area applicability is strong 1 Accuracy grade: 0.5 Machines and tools can be included in the subsidy scope of funds arranged by the local government at the same level. The specific items and standards of subsidized machines and tools shall be set by the local government

the subsidy objects are clearly individuals and agricultural production and operation organizations engaged in agricultural production. Priority subsidies can be given to five types of objects, such as agricultural machinery socialization service organizations, large grain farmers, family farms and other agricultural production and operation organizations, and rural poor households. It is strictly prohibited to authorize subsidized machinery production and marketing enterprises in any way to enter the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy auxiliary management system to apply for subsidies; It is strictly prohibited for subsidized machine and tool production and marketing enterprises to go to the competent department to apply for subsidies instead of buyers

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