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Huntsman expands Lanaset nylon dye

now when purchasing, many customers will say that so and so universal experimental machine

the design life of the main project of the high-speed railway of chemical and dye products is 100 years. The manufacturer Huntsman textile dyeing has expanded the scope of use of its Lanaset dye, including woven and knitted fabrics with bright colors, and the price change of nylon tends to be stable

Huntsman said that the dye can meet the increasing demand of textile mills for nylon fabrics, especially the demand for a wide range of bright colors, high light resistance and excellent wet rubbing fastness

the company pointed out, "Lanaset PA is a dye specially tailored for nylon, which can provide excellent and perfect tone and excellent and flexible color matching rate."

"and it is completely compatible with Lanaset dyes from Yuanlai. It is designed to provide simple dye selection, wide hue coverage and flexibility. It is easy to achieve ultra deep hue, and make PA microfiber dyeing simple, economical, efficient and with the least pollutants. "

Huntsman pointed out that this dye can provide excellent wet rubbing fastness. In most cases, there is no need to carry out the order of the importance of fixers on environmental awareness, so that they are suitable for fitting fabrics. In chlorine containing water, it can also perform excellent dyeing fastness, avoiding the use of additional chlorine resistant color fastness enhancers. The company added that it also reduces the cost of re dyeing, color difference and the risk of dye transfer.

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