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In recent years, the production and application level of carton automation equipment in China has entered a new stage. This magazine invited some insiders to comment on the role and performance of some automated carton equipment, and let's see how automation equipment can play a role in carton enterprises

superior performance of automatic glue mixing machine

the most critical processes of corrugated paper products are the first is the making of corrugated paper, and the second is the mounting. The mounting process is the key factor related to the quality in the whole production process, and it is also the production point with the greatest fluctuation. For corrugated production enterprises, no matter how advanced the machine is and how fast it is, it is only to improve the precision, accuracy and uniformity of gluing. The final bonding quality depends on the quality of glue, so the quality of glue is a key factor related to the quality of corrugated cardboard. If the glue is done well, other aspects are just some mechanical and technical details. The mechanical and technical details can be manually controlled, but the quality of the glue is invisible to the naked eye, so we can only control it with strict data. But at present, most domestic manufacturers still use manual glue. If they make 50 cans of glue a week, the quality indicators of these 50 cans of glue will not be the same. This will affect the stability of the assembly line process. When you encounter problems, you can't find the problem, and the result is a lot of waste products. In view of this situation, according to the machine principle and production process of a professional automatic glue making equipment company in the Netherlands, as well as our own assembly line process, after repeated research, we have successfully developed this automatic glue making machine. Why did we think of investing in independent research and development at the beginning? Because we found through our investigation that the price of such equipment produced in the Netherlands is too expensive. A set of machines costs more than 10000 yuan, and ordinary domestic factories can't afford it,. Moreover, the overall investment is extremely unreasonable. The whole assembly line costs 70-80 million to 10-20 million, but the investment in the most critical glue making process is very small, and the glue making equipment is simple. In this way, the overall investment structure is very unreasonable. Because this kind of equipment is very critical in the whole process, only automatic equipment can guarantee the quality and stabilize the whole production line, so we did our own research and development. In May 2003, we successfully developed the fully automatic and semi-automatic glue making system. From the promotion situation of more than a year, the effect is good. At the beginning, many customers did not understand the advantages of this kind of equipment, and after promotion, Customers have gradually accepted this kind of equipment. So far, the company has sold more than ten automatic glue mixing machines and received good market feedback

the automatic glue making system has many superior functions:

first, the system has advanced control means and glue making methods, which makes the glue viscosity stable and unchanged for a long time, and its stability is better than that of using additives. The quality of glue produced by this glue mixing machine is very stable, because we use a special device inside the machine to maintain its viscosity. However, the quality index error of glue made manually is very large, generally ± seconds, and the quality cannot be guaranteed, while the error of glue made by our machine is only ± 2 seconds

II. The machine adopts computer automatic control, all raw materials are added automatically, and the quality of each batch of glue is guaranteed. In the process of glue making, the machine automatically adds materials to control the glue temperature, and the error of the amount of raw materials added in each batch is five thousandths, which improves the accuracy by times

III. this automatic glue mixing machine can provide glue with different formulas according to the different glue points and the changes of heat and paper. One machine can make seven or eight formulas of glue at the same time, such as five layers of corrugated board. The gelatinization temperature of the glue required for each layer is different, so it can optimize the process by applying different glue to different layers

IV. the paste level and temperature of each glue point storage tank are monitored by computer and configured automatically

v. viscosity, gelatinization temperature, solid content and glue temperature are accurately controlled by computer, so that the production process of the assembly line can reach the best state

VI. the main control components are imported, and the whole machine operates stably and reliably

VII. A set of system can be used by more than two cardboard production lines at the same time. The full-automatic glue mixing machine can supply two high-speed production lines with a speed of M/min at the same time, and four medium and low-speed production lines with a speed of m at the same time. Innovative corrugated products Technology Co., Ltd. has also specially developed a semi-automatic equipment used by small factories, which is very economical and practical for small factories, because this semi-automatic equipment is cheap, and the manual operation can also achieve good results, because the glue consumption of small factories is not large

VIII. Automatic cleaning tank system. After a can of glue is used, the system will automatically start the cleaning process to clean the glue can

IX. the computer automatically stores multiple formulas to meet different glue needs in the production process. The computer system of this automatic glue mixing machine will automatically store nearly 20 formulas. When similar formulas are needed in the next production, it is OK to directly execute them. Moreover, the company's process technicians can help the customer enterprise design and adjust the formula at any time

X. perfect intelligent management reports, accurate and reliable cost control. The automatic glue mixing machine has the function of intelligent report. The system can automatically calculate the results of how much electricity, water and glue the system uses in a month. It has to compress the magnet strip and test the sample to produce cost data, so that the carton enterprise can achieve the optimal management state

in addition to a high degree of automation, this equipment has another advantage, which is to help enterprises reduce costs, improve efficiency, and play the role of managing products. Because it makes the glue stick more firmly, so the glue can be widely used in the production and utilization of springs and shock absorbers. On the other hand, because most of the glue is water, less glue can save drying time and electricity, and save costs. We have calculated that with ordinary glue, the cost of starch accounts for 1 7%. After using this automatic glue mixing machine, the proportion of starch cost in the total cost is only 0 About 75. Using the automatic glue mixing machine can improve the efficiency, make the speed of the production line faster, increase the speed of the production line%, increase the strength of the paperboard by 10%, and reduce the gram weight of the paper by 5%, which can reduce the scrap rate. Moreover, the stability of the production line is also greatly improved, and the artificial unstable factors are greatly reduced, which is very critical

at present, only innovative corrugated Technology Co., Ltd. can produce this kind of equipment in China, and only a Dutch enterprise can produce it overseas. Although the performance of the innovative automatic glue mixing machine can be compared with similar foreign products, the price is not high. The host price of the full-automatic glue mixing machine is about 470000 yuan, while the price of this product in foreign countries is about 10000 yuan. If the manufacturer plans to invest, it can buy the host, and then the innovation company will carry out relevant transformation according to the existing equipment of the customer, and the cost recovery of the equipment will only take about one year. Manufacturers who do not have high requirements for production speed can buy semi-automatic machines, with an investment of only 200000 yuan, and the cost can be recovered in about half a year

comparison of performance, efficiency and cost between full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine and manual flat pressing die-cutting machine

check whether the CPU frequency (11.0592Mhz) and comparison voltage of full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine are stable or drift? If there is a problem of faulty welding, the cutting machine has the characteristics of continuous paper feeding, convenient operation, safety, accurate die cutting accuracy, full waste cleaning, automatic paper receiving, high production efficiency, low labor consumption and low energy consumption. The following takes the pe1620s series full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine produced by Shanghai Xuheng iron machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. as an example to compare the performance, efficiency and cost consumption of the full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine with the manual flat pressing die-cutting machine

I. performance and efficiency comparison

1 Comparison of production efficiency

the design speed of the full-automatic die-cutting machine is 4500 sheets/hour. According to different typesetting and removal of version change time, the actual production efficiency is about 70% - 80% of the design value, so the actual common production speed is 3600 sheets/hour. According to this calculation, the actual class production is 28million. At present, the maximum shift output of each manual die-cutting machine is 6000, and the average shift output is 4500, so the average shift output of the six manual die-cutting machines is 27000, and the efficiency of a fully automatic flat die-cutting machine is 3.57% higher than that of the six manual die-cutting machines

2. Labor cost comparison

at present, each manual die-cutting machine needs to be equipped with 2 operators, a total of 12 people per shift. The total number of people in the third shift is 36 (including 18 captain and 18 cleaning and waste auxiliary workers). Due to the high degree of automation and simple operation, the full-automatic die-cutting machine is equipped with 5 people per shift (including 1 captain, 2 paper loading workers and 2 auxiliary workers). The total number of people in the three shifts is 15, which consumes 21 people less than the manual die-cutting machine. If the monthly salary per capita is 900 yuan, the total monthly salary of automatic die-cutting machine is 18900 yuan less than that of manual die-cutting machine. The annual total was 226800 yuan. And so on: the labor cost of full-automatic die-cutting machine is 0.005 yuan/piece, while the labor cost of manual die-cutting machine is 0.013 yuan/piece. The labor cost of full-automatic die-cutting machine is 61.5% lower than that of manual die-cutting machine

3. Comparison of energy consumption cost

the motor power of each manual die-cutting machine is about 7.5kW, so the energy consumption of six manual die-cutting machines per shift is 324kw h; The total power of the automatic die-cutting machine is 35kw, the power of the main motor is 22KW, and the energy consumption per shift is 224kw h. Compared with the manual die-cutting machine, the energy consumption is reduced by 86kw H/shift, the total annual energy consumption is reduced by 77400kw h。 If the energy consumption cost is 0.75 yuan/kw H calculation, the annual energy consumption cost is reduced by 58000 yuan, and the energy consumption cost of the manual die-cutting machine is 0.009 yuan/piece, while the energy consumption cost of the full-automatic die-cutting machine is 0.006 yuan/piece, which is 28.2% lower than that of the manual die-cutting machine

4. Labor productivity comparison

the full-automatic die-cutting machine is equipped with 5 people/shift. It is estimated that the average shift production is 28000 pieces, so the labor productivity is 5600 pieces/shift/person. The manual die-cutting machine is equipped with 12 people/shift, and the average shift production is 27000 pieces, so the labor productivity is 2250 pieces/shift/person. The labor productivity of full-automatic die-cutting machine is 59.8% higher than that of manual die-cutting machine

5. Safety performance comparison

the full-automatic die-cutting machine adopts PLC control system, man-machine interface, vacuum suction cup automatic paper feeding, central positioning, and the die-cutting and waste cleaning parts are fully enclosed. Therefore, the operation safety factor reaches 100%, which is unmatched by manual die-cutting machines

the above comparison data is listed as follows:

Table 1

manual die cutting machine (manual beer machine) pe1620s series automatic die cutting machine comprehensive comparison remarks

production efficiency 27000 sheets/shift 28000 sheets/shift 1000 sheets/shift increase production by 3.57%

consumption personnel (three shifts) 36 people, 15 people, 21 people reduced by 58.3%

the wage consumption was 388800 yuan/year, 162000 yuan/year, 226800 yuan/year, saving 58.3% based on the per capita monthly wage of 900 yuan

the labor cost was 0.013 yuan/piece, 0.005 yuan/piece, 0.008 yuan/piece, reducing by 61.5%

the power consumption was 291600kw H/year 214200kw H/year 77400kw H/year reduced by 26.5% based on 300 working days

power consumption cost 218700 yuan/year 160700 yuan/year 58000 yuan/year, saving 26.5% at 0.75 yuan/kw H calculation

power consumption cost 0.009 yuan/piece, 0.006 yuan/piece, 0.003 yuan/piece, a decrease of 33.3%

per capita labor productivity 2250 pieces/person

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