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Huawei and Chinatelecom jointly held a sharing meeting on the open platform of wing link communication capability

Huawei and Chinatelecom Fujian Co., Ltd. held a partner sharing meeting on the open platform of wing link communication capability in Fuzhou with the theme of making your business more exciting, which attracted about 200 participants from nearly 100 partners

the open platform of wing link communication capability is jointly developed by Chinatelecom Fujian company and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. it encapsulates the communication resources of communication capability and information service capability into API or SDK (software development kit) and opens it to third-party enterprises nationwide through interconnection for them to independently develop various products. Communication capabilities include conference, video, voice, call center, etc. information service capabilities include user authentication, billing, charging, code number and other services

since the first enterprise was accessed in September 2013, the platform has now covered more than 20 provinces across the country, covering 18 industries such as e-commerce, real estate, internet medical, finance, IOT, logistics, and providing services to more than 500 enterprises such as Tencent, 58 Tongcheng, q-room, and good doctor. By the end of 2015, the cumulative number of API (application program interface) calls on the platform had reached 620million, and the monthly traffic in December exceeded 100 million minutes

UFIDA Mobile Communication Technology Service Co., Ltd. shared cases

the theme of this sharing meeting was shared by Zhou Tong, general manager of Fujian Telecom Yilian communication capability opening operation center, and Li Deyong, technical director of CAAS solutions for Huawei's core product line. Zhou Tong introduced the open characteristics of communication capabilities such as flexibility, customizable development and integration of operators' networks from the three aspects of openness, connection and innovation, so as to help shorten the production process of enterprises' products and improve the efficiency of enterprises; Through the new connection between interconnection and communication network, a point of access is opened up, covering the whole; The new market situation of one point of access, covering multiple services, has brought about the improvement of overall value. Li Deyong vividly explained the connotation of communication network opening with the vivid metaphor of the walled garden and the gated garden, and said that Huawei is willing to invest in the strategic transformation of pipeline intelligence and telecom pipeline opening together with Telecom. Relying on Huawei's accumulation of network and audio and video technology, it focuses on not affecting the vertical contraction experiment, and is committed to building a good platform and supporting partners

the conference also invited President Wang, the director of UFIDA Mobile Communication Technology Service Co., Ltd. to release the potential of athletes and communities around the world, President Xiao, the technical director of Weifa (Xi'an) Software Co., Ltd., and Chen, the deputy general manager of Fujian qunhonluo Technology Co., Ltd., to summarize the actual cases of the joint venture, In details of the overweight layout of meimeike in the Jiangmen cathode material project, meimeike shared in detail the secrets of the successful cooperation of the opening up of their respective enterprise products and communication capabilities, which opened the minds of other participating partners on the scene. They all said that they would learn from the successful experience of other enterprises after the meeting, and realize the product innovation and business model innovation of enterprises with the help of the communication capabilities of wing link

compared with electronic grade copper foil, capacity opening is both a trend and a trend. Domestic and foreign operators and Internet manufacturers have begun to get involved in this field. In 2016, wing link? The open platform of communication capability will continue to accelerate the pace of opening up, provide partners with more and better capabilities, such as privacy protection, cloud call center and video conference, and achieve breakthroughs in car service, education, property and other new industries

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