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Huntsman plans to acquire in India to expand business scale

according to Indian newspaper mint on April 11, Huntsman (Huntsman is used to measure the displacement of samples, which can also approximately replace the deformation of samples; for some metal materials) is considering acquiring Indian enterprises to expand business scale. According to India station, Huntsman, the world's third-largest producer of titanium dioxide pigments, plans to make business acquisitions in India to meet customer needs

the company plans to double its revenue in India in the next four to five years. In an interview with mint newspaper, Huntsman CEO peterr Mentioned the above acquisition plan. PeterR. Said that the Indian market accounted for about 4.5% of the company's sales (about $9billion). According to the station report, peterr Said that the company plans to invest 10million US dollars in India in the next two years to build a fully functional office equipped with research and development facilities, employing about 400-500 employees

PeterR. It is pointed out that at present, the company is investing tens of millions of dollars in the Indian subcontinent to expand its local business capacity. Huntsman launched the acquisition plan after completing the acquisition of an Indian company last week. Huntsman acquired lafgans petrochemical company headquartered in Gujarat, which is the fourth acquisition project, and also expanded the scope of its technical cooperation with local chemical companies

according to the station, in order to increase the output of special chemicals for the textile industry, Huntsman company acquired Baroda factory of metrochem industries. In order to meet the increasing needs of customers from India, Huntsman has continued to acquire and expand. The newly expanded business will meet the needs of customers who have established factories in India. P & G is one of Huntsman's customers. Huntsman's competitors include BASF, Bayer and Dow Chemical

Huntsman said that India's fast-growing multinational companies hope Huntsman can meet their needs. Now, Huntsman imports products from Australia, Europe and the United States, and then ships them to India. The joints of oil pipes should be tight and well sealed. According to the station, Huntsman hopes to start production locally in India

however, according to the station, analysts believe that enterprises in Southeast Asia and Europe are very interested in acquiring Indian enterprises, especially specialized chemical enterprises. The growth rate of the chemical market is 1.5 to 2 times that of GDP. Analysts reiterated that the chemical industry is an application-oriented industry, so this also tells us a truth - whether it is to ensure normal use of equipment, high-end or low-end manufacturers will choose to be closer to customers

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