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Ian Robertson made a speech at the 2006 China International RFID Technology Application Forum

host: next, I will introduce Ian Robertson of EPCglobal, who is the director of global industry development of EPCglobal and the director of EPC business in the Asia Pacific region. He has worked at HP for more than 20 years and is a senior expert in RFID. He has promoted and applied in 28 locations around the world. He has a professional computer membership in the UK and is a real expert in it and RFID. Global is a standardization organization needed by users. It is mainly a non-profit organization established in order to improve the management efficiency and transparency of supply chain and logistics in today's serious white pollution and global plastic ban. Now let's welcome Mr. Ian Robertson to give us a speech

good morning! I'm very glad to return to Beijing again. I often come to Beijing to meet with some colleagues of China article coding center and other ministries and commissions. I'm sorry, we can't communicate with you in Chinese. Although I can speak some other languages, I hope I can report to you in Mandarin in the future. In my report today, I mainly introduce the following two aspects. One is what EPCglobal organization looks like. Second, I want to introduce how global works. Finally, I will mention two examples, that is, how to apply EPC to change the operation mode in the supply chain

first of all, let me introduce EPCglobal, the global industry management center, which is set up to be a user driven non-profit intermediary organization. It has its own fixed steps and procedures in the standard development process. When it is completed, you can download it on. EPCglobal's standard is promoted and implemented through the global coding organization, that is, through various member organizations. Fortunately, the China article coding center has done a lot of work in this regard. For the promotion work, you can contact the coding center. I am very happy to work with my colleagues in China coding center to promote the work of EPC and RFID. I want to emphasize that EPCglobal is a non-profit intermediary organization, which does not mean that we have no income, but all our income is used to maintain the operation of the organization. In the following slides, I will make a further introduction. (Figure) this is the organizational structure of EPCglobal. The green part is mainly to ensure the healthy and correct operation of the strategic ideas proposed by the EPCglobal Management Committee. The members of EPCglobal Management Committee include the chairman and President, who are from the UK. Although I was born in the UK, I have worked all over the world. I can speak many languages. We are more an international organization. Some of us are composed of small organizations. We may come from different regions and speak different languages, but we all serve the related work of EPCglobal. There may be a confused idea. People have always believed that EPCglobal is an American institution, which may be due to historical reasons. It really started at twine Institute of technology, just like I am British and later joined Canada, but I live in the United States and spend more time working in the Asia Pacific region, which brings some confusion to you. One is that the AERC is the architecture evaluation committee, and the GSPC is the joint strategic planning committee. The AERC mainly provides suggestions to the EPCglobal Management Committee. The other is whether the work carried out by the relevant global standardization organizations is connected and can promote the progress of the work. At the same time, GSPC is what we do, and we should coordinate with each other. This is the development of light cured resin members of EPCglobal in Changxing all over the world, including June 2004, June 2005 and June 2006, from 192 to 584, and 875 in 2006. A company's joining is based on its location. For example, Haier in China, whose headquarters is Qingdao, does not need to join if they have branches abroad, that is to say, they are only a member once they join. In August 2006, there were 941, and as of November 20, the latest number of members was 1254. I am the director of global EPC industry promotion, and also the recommended director of the Asia Pacific region. The number of Asia Pacific region has now exceeded that of Europe

next, let me introduce the standards working group. In the first column, there are industry action groups, which are very specific, including FMCG, medical treatment and logistics. They all carry out the formulation of corresponding standards respectively. There is a joint requirements working group in the middle, and there are many working groups above. They have different requirements, but when it comes to this part, different working groups will also have some common requirements, including labels and detailed EPC information services. The middle part is the same, so a joint requirements working group can be formed, and we can work together to develop common standards. Among our joint requirements working group, there are very well-known or top companies from all over the world, some engaged in RF technology, and some engaged in video and antenna. We work together to make corresponding standards to meet the real needs. In the middle, there is a joint working group, which mainly helps the industry implement the current standards and carry out specific work to promote. There is an adoption group and an application group in the lower right of the middle, because I am the founder of the Asian group, but the situation used in Europe can't be taken for granted. We also need to make business composition according to specific conditions. All working organizations are not independent, and they should work in coordination with each other. This is a standard process development of EPCglobal. At present, I won't introduce it in detail. You can see how each step is carried out. If you are very familiar with the standard setting process, you will not be unfamiliar with this process after seeing it

next, I will introduce EPC services, which involves many standards. I may not introduce them one by one, but I want you to have a conceptual understanding. Among the standards, the most talked about is the second generation communication protocol. This standard is an overall framework protocol, and its introduction provides a good foundation for our EPC application. These are some of the standards I listed. Most of them are being developed, some have been completed, and some are middleware standards. There are also EPC information service information standards and application standards. If we pay attention to the application of RFID in the supply chain, we need to pay special attention to EPC. From the EPC architecture, we can know four aspects: what is it, when it will arrive, or when it will arrive, and then where it will arrive. If you use the EPC network architecture, you can also know why it will arrive there. It may be thought that the above functions can also be realized by using bar code, which is true, but many points need such equipment, and some things may be very expensive. Therefore, the whole process tracking of bar code is only implemented in some key places. This slide introduces the detailed process of using EPC in medicine, from manufacturers to supporting business centers, to logistics companies and distribution centers, and finally to hospitals. I have also participated in some specific applications of this constituent application, mainly to grasp the accuracy of information. Most of the drugs are tablets. If they are fake drugs, the powder is white, but there is no real drug in it. This can be used for identification and anti-counterfeiting. In order to ensure the correct allocation of medicine, we have adopted the so-called "anti fake medicine" work. This table mainly introduces the operation of business processes. Although there are different processing types, they have some common points. For example, in the process of pharmaceutical distribution, there will be orders and invoices, that is to say, there will be some common points. This slide introduces the terms of medicine and fast-moving consumer goods. There are some words about places, such as frozen meat. When you see this frozen meat, you should know what special place it has and how to store it through this word. Next, an example is the test carried out in the clothing industry. Using EPC and RFID technology, we can see that one is to Europe and the other is to Japan. I won't introduce the detailed process. You can understand its basic process through this picture. It should be emphasized that in all the implementation, EPC information service is mainly used for information exchange. You can tell him that my products have been shipped, and you should prepare containers for transportation. At the same time, we have done the application and testing of the electronic industry. For China, it is a base for the global electronic industry. Next, I would like to introduce the EPC registration fee. There may be some misunderstandings. The membership of EPCglobal is registered according to the country where the company is located, and the fee is determined according to the national income index provided by the world bank. The cost in China is among the lowest in the world

next, I want to talk about the EPC network. I am often asked where your server is. In fact, I want to tell you that it is just a virtual server. It should be emphasized that we need to follow the same standards, so that there will be no obstacles in the exchange of information between different companies or enterprises. Next, I want to quickly browse the EPC network. I am often asked whether the server is safe, whether my data is safe, and maybe someone can see my data. In fact, just like everyone else, when you browse information, you can only see the information that the server manager allows you to see. In addition, you can't see other information. At present, what EPCglobal does is to allow who can access or view relevant information and what information you can view through the authorization mechanism. Another question often asked in China or other parts of Europe is that when I use this network for exchange, relevant product information may have left the country or been seen by others. I have worked in Hewlett Packard for many years. Hewlett Packard produces millions of notebooks every year. All things are exchanged through transmission and Dei in the process of operation. After adopting RFID technology, there is no increase in unsafe factors. It is also a means of implementing information exchange

next, I want to introduce a company, which is engaged in domain name and management. It is a US based company that operates two of the 13 root directories worldwide. If you choose this company, it is controlled by them. In fact, the infrastructure is all over the world. A root server has also been set up in China. (picture) you can see that there are 23.452.6 billion times at the top, which is a very complicated situation in accordance with the provisions of the international environmental protection law

finally, let's introduce the issues related to intellectual property rights. EPCglobal is in the standard system

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