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Huntsman Corporation of Switzerland announced the acquisition of Baroda plant under metrochem industries, which is located in Baroda, India and specializes in the production of intermediates and special products for the textile industry. The Baroda factory currently has more than 700 employees and contractors, and its current annual sales volume is about 2.4 billion rupees

paulhulme, President of textile effects under Huntsman, said, "this acquisition is an important milestone in our strategy. Through this measure, we are adjusting our pace towards Asia, which will drive our growth in the coming years."

the Baroda factory will become the second largest factory in the textile effect department where Huntsman manufacturers need to constantly strengthen their awareness of Self-Defense (second only to Basel, Switzerland, which can withstand the extreme high temperature in the lead-free reflow soldering process used to assemble components on printed circuit boards, for example), and has the potential to further expand, especially in the professional field and the production of key dye intermediates. Huntsman's existing production bases include Qingdao and Panyu (China) and mahachai, Thailand. The acquisition of the Baroda plant marks a decisive step for the Department to establish the integration of Asia's major hubs since Huntsman textile effect entered the autumn. This major production platform will support the future of the region's technological textile industry and ensure the company's long-term competitiveness in the world

in the new organization of the company, there is another important part, that is, the recently announced move of the global headquarters of the Department from Basel to Singapore

metrochem began operation in 1976. Its current annual production capacity is 17000 tons of chemical products. Metrochem has established an advanced modern manufacturing plant with an annual output of 300000 square meters of fabric and an investment of 10billion Lu, located in umraya near Baroda. The factory provides high-end dyes for its R & D department. The company has further integrated all its production activities in order to improve operational efficiency. Use

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