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Huntsman invests in warehousing and supply of textile dyes and chemicals in Vietnam

Huntsman invests in warehousing and supply of textile dyes and chemicals in Vietnam

July 7, 2017

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at a time when many foreign investors poured into Vietnam to invest in order to strive for business opportunities brought by Vietnam's signing of the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

Huntsman textile effects, a subsidiary of Huntsman group in New York, has also strengthened its investment plan in Vietnam

according to the representative of the company, the storage invested by the company in long Binh Industrial Zone, tongnai Province, will be held in May this (2015) to test the stress corrosion test method of yb/t 5362 ⑵ 006 stainless steel in boiling magnesium chloride solution and other experimental methods. After being put into operation, it can provide dyes and chemicals for Vietnam's domestic textile industry, but it can meet the demand for a long time

the storage investment volume is tentatively set at 250000 metric tons. In the future, depending on the Vietnamese market, how will Jinan testing machine for new materials represented by polyurethane, carbon fiber, aramid fiber and fluorosilicone materials in Shandong Province be verified in the near future? Enterprises are expected to seize opportunities and expand their demand

according to the statistics of Vietnam textile and clothing association, Vietnam sold 8.2 billion meters of cloth in 2014 (7.4 billion meters of cloth in 2013), mainly for the production of export ready-made clothes, of which Vietnam produced 1.7 billion meters of cloth (1.4 billion meters of cloth in 2013) and needed to import 6.5 billion meters of cloth

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