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Hunan simplifies customs clearance procedures for imported food

[place of packaging and printing industry] it is understood that Hunan will cancel the requirements for the registration of labels of imported prepackaged food from October 1. This will facilitate relevant import enterprises and further optimize the port business environment

according to the introduction, pre packaged food refers to food that is pre quantitatively packaged or made in packaging materials and containers. This year, the import of prepackaged food in Hunan has increased significantly. From January to August, the Province imported 1882 batches of prepackaged food, with a total of 375million US dollars. The development direction of experimental machine technology mainly includes "large, small, fine" and "environmental simulation", with an increase of 35.3% and 26.26%, mainly including dairy products and beverages Experimental fixture materials, alcohol, cans, cakes and cookies, etc

the person in charge of the food department of Changsha Customs introduced that this was implemented according to the announcement of the General Administration of Customs on matters related to the inspection, supervision and administration of the labels of imported and exported prepackaged food. However, the cancellation of filing is not the cancellation of supervision. As one of the food inspection items, the labels of imported prepackaged food are inspected by the customs in accordance with the provisions of the laws and administrative regulations related to food safety and import and export commodity inspection

if the imported prepackaged food is selected by the Customs for on-site inspection or it is a machine laboratory inspection that often causes problems for the loading of universal testing machine, the importer shall submit its qualification certification materials, the original and translated labels of the imported prepackaged food, the sample Chinese labels and other certification materials to the customs personnel

from January to August 2019, the total import and export value of Hunan Province was 268.45 billion yuan, an increase of 47.8% over the same period last year. It is noteworthy that since this year, new trade formats such as cross-border e-commerce in the province have developed rapidly. From January to August, the import and export of cross-border e-commerce reached 700million yuan, an increase of 6.2 times

original title: Hunan simplifies customs clearance procedures for imported food

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