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Huichang communication helped China general technology group build a new generation of cloud video conference platform

01. Company introduction

China General Technology (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd., established in March 1998, is an important state-owned backbone enterprise directly managed by the central government. The group focuses on developing three core businesses: advanced manufacturing and technical service consulting, medicine and health, trade and engineering contracting, China general technology group ranks among the Fortune Global 500, and its business covers many countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The group implements the management system of parent and subsidiary companies, which has the characteristics of small headquarters, large networks and internationalization. So far, it has 23 domestic secondary operating institutions and 70 overseas institutions, including 4 listed companies (China pharmaceutical, China automotive research, global medical, *st Shenji)

02, the pain point of the company

the group is large, there are many affiliated and subordinate enterprises, employees work in many places, enterprise information communication and collaboration are inefficient, and travel costs are high

due to the large scale of the group and the large number of employees, China general technology group often holds various project meetings and offline training between affiliated enterprises and subordinate branches in its daily work, resulting in high communication costs. Moreover, the group's information cannot be directly transmitted to the grass-roots level, and needs to be forwarded layer by layer through subordinate secondary companies, resulting in problems such as delayed information transmission or information loss

the original MCU conference system architecture causes complex operations and high video conference costs

China General Technology Group has deployed the hardware video conference system before, but it still can't catch up with the growing demand system of orders. With the continuous development of enterprises, the diversification of business types and the increase of cross regional communication and cooperation, the original hardware system gradually exposes the high hardware requirements, high use costs, long preparation cycle Debugging is too cumbersome. As many affiliated enterprises are involved, the internal communication system is relatively complex, the original hardware system cannot cover all secondary and tertiary institutions, the meeting systems are difficult to be compatible, and the needs of large concurrent meetings cannot be met, and with the resumption of production and work after the epidemic, it brings a lot of communication work. Therefore, a high-quality, high stability The highly practical video conference system has become the top priority of the rapid development and internal efficient collaboration of China General Technology Group

03. Disruptive changes in Huichang communication cloud video

the new generation of cloud video is compatible with the old, and the cloud video deployment and operation experience that simplify the complexity greatly improve the efficiency of meetings

in the face of diversified industrial development and complex business needs, China General Technology Group has undergone a comprehensive comparative evaluation of system testing, service capabilities, functionality, market share analysis, and word-of-mouth evaluation, Finally, it was decided to adopt Huichang communication cloud video conference solution. The newly launched cloud video conference system adopts the full deployment solution of Huichang. In the first stage, 100 conference concurrency points have been deployed, and the second stage is also in the process of deployment. Open reservation permission in the group, affiliated enterprises and subordinate branches, and each employee has the right to quickly make an appointment or hold a meeting according to different needs. The platform is also compatible with the original hardware video conference system to realize interconnection. The original hardware video conference system can also be active or passive at any time

in combination with the actual business needs of the group, we will perfectly combine cloud video conferencing with cloud video applications, open up the business chain, and make cloud video generate business value

this cloud video conference built for China General Technology Group. 5. After receiving users, the platform is mainly used for online conferences, technical training, smart party building, emergency command, etc. within the group, bid opening at the business level, medical cloud seminars, medical consortium exchanges Remote interview, business communication, etc., especially during the resumption of production and work following the national policy after the epidemic, the cloud video conference platform perfectly solves the needs of large number of concurrent meetings such as the full staff meeting. The original organization arranged that the offline training meeting could only cover about 100 people at a time. After the deployment of cloud video conference, the online training could cover 1000 people at a time, which greatly improved the work efficiency within the group. Previously, offline meetings could only be held twice a day, but now more than 20 subordinate secondary companies basically have different meetings every day. According to statistics, nearly 2400 online meetings were held in May, which not only saved a lot of meeting time, but also saved a lot of accommodation, travel expenses, venue fees, etc. At the same time, huichangyun video conference can also share desktop, conference recording, multi-party simultaneous conference annotation, remote assistance and other features

04. Typical application scenario

at 7 p.m. on April 1, organized and arranged by China General Technology Group General Global Medical Group Co., Ltd., Professor Luo Fengming, Secretary of the general Party branch of internal medicine and deputy director of respiratory and critical illness discipline of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, and his expert team held a video conference with more than 50 medical experts from northwell medical group and a number of medical institutions through Huichang communication cloud video platform, Share and discuss the anti epidemic experience and diagnosis and treatment of the COVID-19. Relying on its global resource advantages, China general global medical strives to build an international exchange platform for the discussion of medical plans of medical institutions in various countries, so as to closely connect medical experts all over the world and contribute to the global anti epidemic

05, customer evaluation

through the newly launched cloud video conference system, China General Technology Group has methodically conducted a safe and efficient video conference in which the material, as a load-bearing surface, still maintains its completeness and convenience, greatly reducing the cost of enterprise video deployment and communication, improving the efficiency of internal meetings, and connecting all affiliated enterprises in the tec-qte laboratory in Noordwijk, the Netherlands μ The connection between VCM's central industry and its subordinate institutions is closer and more convenient, helping the promotion of the group's global business

Cuiyan, it manager of China General Technology Group, said: in the past, video conferencing was only used by the group headquarters for formal meetings. Since the deployment of Huichang cloud video platform, every employee can convene meetings, and user satisfaction has increased significantly. After interworking with the original traditional MCU video conference hardware equipment, the conference was held stably, and the use experience reached the effect we expected. The response of the group headquarters and subordinate enterprises was also very satisfied, and it will continue to be further promoted

practice has proved that Huichang communication has significant characteristics and advantages in terms of rapid service response, flexible system access and full deployment. 7x24 uninterrupted one-on-one service for customers provides comprehensive support and guarantee for efficient communication in all walks of life, including government, medical, education and other industries

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