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In recent years, with the rise of the Internet, some door and window agencies began to use crowdfunding to add tricks and attract the attention of consumers. These highlights occurred frequently, and also welcomed the favor of consumers, adding chips to the odds of victory. Also due to the influence of Internet thinking, the form of crowdfunding has brought a certain impact on the traditional promotion ways. But there is no doubt that Internet promotion will become a way for door and window agencies to continue to make profits, and door and window agencies need to seize the opportunity

"crowdfunding" projects are readily available

the development of China's Internet in recent years can be described as a rising tide, with various ideas, forms and methods emerging one after another, "Internet crowdfunding" also emerged in this wave of tide. From object to virtual, users only need to invest a certain amount of money, and when it expires, they can either make up for the price difference, or directly enjoy the right to use or get object goods. This form also attracted a group of young people. Adding fuel to the fire, the "crowdfunding" project of home occupation is also available

rely on the Internet to add brand added value

it is said that you get what you pay for. On this basis, the added value depends on the brand. Japanese mobile phone manufacturers used to say that consumers are crazy about Apple products, that is, "even if Apple launches bricks, someone will buy them.". The reality is that those brands supported by the Internet are even more well-known than offline brands, and the advertised quotation is "one third" of similar offline products. Therefore, consumers are willing to participate in "crowdfunding" on Internet brands. In the final analysis, this is also in line with the old saying, "where consumers are, brands should be where"

the pain point under the crowdfunding setting of door and window agents

"crowdfunding" was originally shaped by the Internet. Many of its policy commodities are full of a sense of science and technology, and attract many young people. The reason why crowdfunding can constitute market demand, in addition to fun, brand (story) and quotation (value) still have some advantages in demand. Because participants' primary demand is to have confidence in goods or brands, otherwise who will wait for a commodity that has never been experienced at all

many colleagues in the door and window agency profession used to label doors and windows as durable consumer goods with low brand importance and low purchase frequency, but these have been dismantled by the Internet. Including "crowdfunding", the sparks of home furnishing occupations such as the Internet and doors and windows, although compared with the output value of all occupations, are very limited, but they are extremely bright. At the same time, although dressed in the cloak of the Internet, it points directly to the pain of the profession: quality and brand, which is originally what the real needs of the profession worry about. In the past few years, I have been talking about industrial promotion and professional integration. What I want is to improve the quality of goods and complete brand aggregation. Now, this long road still needs to face the "disruption" of the Internet





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