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[] with the development of the cabinet industry and people's increasing attention to the kitchen, the cabinet is also like fashion. The style and trend are constantly changing, and fashion has also become a factor that businesses focus on when launching new products and buyers buy. Just imagine, after owning a new house, who doesn't want to have a set of fashionable and beautiful cabinets, which can be pleasing to the eye internally, and cooking in it naturally adds more enthusiasm; Externally, it can be admired by everyone and greatly satisfy vanity. Fashion is loved by everyone, but cabinets are not clothes after all. Clothes can be changed in three days or two, but it is unrealistic for most people to change cabinets in a year and a half. Therefore, when customers buy cabinets, don't just determine the cabinets you want based on your first feeling, because maybe this kind of cabinet that looks very fashionable now may have fallen behind in less than twoorthree years. Therefore, estimate your approximate service life and ask yourself: how many years later, is this cabinet still out of date

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kitchens also have a life span. Kitchens can be as energetic and charming as spring. Kitchens can also be as meaningful as people, creating a comfortable fashion environment, so that housewives can feel life in boring work, feel young

vitality, feel the enjoyment of life, and make kitchens never fade. If you want to make the kitchen you have built with your heart stand the test of the years, even if it is still not out of date after ten years, Xiaobian collected several suggestions for your reference:

◆ paying attention to quality is the fundamental

a professional cabinet designer said that if you pursue the trend too much, you will be abandoned by the trend. For the cabinet, there are more and more fashion factors applied, which is a kind of progress, but anyway, the decorative function of the cabinet should not be greater than the use function. If you blindly pursue the appearance and ignore its function, it will be flashy, and flashy things are doomed to have a short life. Therefore, a cabinet with durable materials, excellent quality and reasonable design is the one that can stand the test of years. In this regard, Debao ·, which has always been praised for its quality in the industry; A staff member of siekman cabinet is proud to believe that although their cabinets are constantly integrating various fashionable elements, such as the now very popular intelligent elements and entertainment elements, they always emphasize simple lines and exquisite design techniques. Maybe at first glance, they don't feel amazing, but the more they look, the more they feel beautiful, and they won't feel outdated after many years

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◆ be careful with popular colors and use more classic colors

the pursuit of fashion also makes the cabinet as colorful as clothes, but some fashionable colors that are too avant-garde may make you feel amazing at first sight, but if you really move home, you will see more and more wrong. This is because exaggerated colors and shapes are easy to cause visual fatigue, and it is not easy to match harmoniously with other home spaces, which is the so-called impatience. Therefore, when shopping for cabinets, we should still consider those classic colors, such as white, gray, black, walnut color and log color. Matching two or three classic colors can not only avoid the single vision, but also won't be too complicated

◆ add more popular accessories

when purchasing cabinets, in addition to considering the color and material of door panels and countertops and the pattern of your own kitchen, you'd better add some more popular accessories. The application of these accessories can often become the highlight of the kitchen, add convenience and interest to the kitchen, and prevent the kitchen from falling behind in a short time

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such as the wall wine rack, which can hang the wine bottle on the wall, which is both beautiful and practical, and makes the kitchen feel like a country manor; The flying saucer basket applied to the corner of the kitchen, when the cabinet door is opened, two butterfly like discs slide out quietly, which is not only convenient to take items, but also makes the use process full of pleasure; The built-in rice bucket, hidden in the cabinet, can store grain by category, and has the function of quantitative rice taking; The pulley drawer cabinet can move freely in the kitchen, making it more flexible to use. Because of the application of these fashionable accessories, your kitchen will shine brightly and will still lead the fashion frontier for a long time




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