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It took 45 days from DIY design to the completion of decoration of my nest. In about 30 days, I have been shouting to carry out the soft decoration to the end, but it has been half a year since I lived in the nest. So far, I have only scrawled a group of walls. Seeing me show my hardworking TX people in recent days has stimulated my desire to fight, and I decide! Do it tomorrow morning!!! But... But it's 4:30 now. I don't know when I can get up in the morning of this weekend... Let's start with a few pictures of the current situation of the small nest.

the blank room before decoration is gone forever. Take photos as a souvenir, and learn about the layout of the room first by the way ~ ~

the 42 inch LCD in the living room, which is washed out by Taobao, looks very small. At present, its utilization rate is very high. TV, PS3 and computer are all connected to it, which is very powerful ~ ~ the small tea table is assembled by IKEA, which is simple and practical, and the main price is very affordable




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