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China's home furnishing manufacturing industry has experienced decades of rapid development. Home furnishing enterprises have made extraordinary moves to meet the growing needs of consumers, upgrading, expansion, relocation, capital, overall home furnishing, intelligence, large home furnishing, Internet &hellip& hellip; The development of enterprises has been labeled with various labels. In 2017, Fuzhou home decoration market showed extraordinary market heat as soon as it opened its holiday after the new year. Home decoration was launched at the beginning of the year “ Experience before payment ” For example, as soon as it was launched, Fuzhou owners swarmed in, welcoming more than 300 owners in just two days

traditional home decoration is facing challenges

providing more security has become a new hot spot

after the Spring Festival every year, Fuzhou home decoration market is in the peak season, Fuzhou decoration companies also try to promote and attract customers around the Spring Festival. Promotional concessions are naturally indispensable, but no one can move consumers, because with the existence of industry giants, small-scale decoration companies lose their price advantage, The strength of promotion and profit transfer is always negligible. In such a market environment, small and micro decoration companies feel the cruelty of competition. The real strength of large decoration companies, because of its own can provide consumers with the best price. At the same time, constantly improving their own brand and service quality has become another weapon for this kind of businesses

some insiders believe that in 2017, the home decoration market will be in the overall position of “ Essential return ” The so-called essential return means that the focus of home decoration will no longer be on customer acquisition and sales, but on the guarantee of delivery quality and efficiency. Based on the guarantee measures of bringing more guarantees to consumers and reassuring them to spend, home decoration re-entry has been specially launched “ Experience before payment ” The way

it is reported that home decoration launched “ Experience before payment ” The activity is different from the previous “ Decoration before payment ” There is a big difference, in which the decoration fee = design fee + management fee + engineering fee (labor cost and material cost). Youjia decoration dares to take the lead in the industry and creatively launch “ Experience before payment ” Initiatives. During the activity, the construction can be started only by paying the design fee + management fee until the embedding of concealed water and electricity works is completed, and the project payment can be paid after the acceptance of the embedding of water and electricity. It is estimated that the mainstream house type will spend 10000 yuan to do something about 50000 first, and then there will be no worries after decoration, opening the era of protective home decoration experience. In the process of decoration, concealed decoration works have always been a very important part, and it is also a decoration problem that consumers are very concerned about. From the market point of view, the new measure of Youjia decoration is quite advanced and attractive to consumers

the four commitments to promote industry upgrading

big brands bring sufficient protection

the move of home decoration to provide protective measures for consumers is not a fad. Previously, home decoration has issued relevant protective measures for many times. For example, the four guarantees highly recognized by owners have also become new benchmarks in the industry. Home decoration provides “ Four guarantee commitments ”. These four guarantees include one compensation for one material leave (exclusive "material fidelity commitment"), all additional items are free (exclusive "0 additional item commitment"), extended compensation for rent (exclusive "construction period commitment"), and environmental protection responsibility to the end (exclusive "environmental protection commitment"), of which “ Be responsible for environmental protection to the end ” The QC laboratory has been established, which can effectively ensure the environmental protection of the decorated house

the relevant person in charge of Fuzhou Architectural Decoration Association said: the market voice of any industry is in the hands of the industry leader. This is because citizens believe that big brands can bring sufficient protection to themselves. In addition, with home decoration, accurate digital comparison and perfect service system, consumers can clearly feel the benefits. At the same time, the measure of home decoration is undoubtedly considered from the standpoint of consumer interests, and it is inevitable to win wide recognition in the market




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