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When decorating the bathroom, the wall is usually covered with tiles. However, the uniform bathroom wall materials can no longer meet the personalized needs. The emergence of waterproof paint and waterproof wallpaper provides a new opportunity for the "transformation" of bathroom space

when decorating the bathroom, it is usually necessary to stick ceramic tiles on the wall. However, the uniform bathroom wall materials can no longer meet the personalized needs. The emergence of waterproof paint and waterproof wallpaper is the “ Reinvent yourself ” Provides new opportunities

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waterproof wall paint: performance is more important

special waterproof and breathable molecules are added to the formula of waterproof wall paint, which can form a dense paint film, so that water molecules cannot penetrate it, ensuring the breathing function of the wall, so it can be used on the wall of the toilet

waterproof wall paint has the advantages of convenient construction, unique effect, good cleaning and mold prevention. Because it is very sticky, it can even fill the pores on the wall. In the market, many brand paint manufacturers have developed waterproof wall paint with good performance

decoration tips: when using wall paint in bathroom space, you should choose a special brand and model. The waterproof performance directly determines the success of daily use. The waterproof putty of the base and the waterproof performance of the wall paint itself are the key to determine the future use results

waterproof Wallpaper: the overall style is coordinated

the past “ Afraid of water ” With the application of new technology, wallpaper with waterproof function has become the darling of bathroom space. When using wallpaper to decorate the bathroom space, we need to consider the coordination with the overall style, the color should be bright, transparent, and the pattern should be exquisite. Therefore, compared with ceramic tiles and waterproof wall paint, the use of waterproof wallpaper has more knowledge of collocation

when using wallpaper in bathroom space, you should also follow “ Dry and wet ” The principle of zoning. Even waterproof Wallpapers should not be washed or soaked directly by water, so they can only be used in “ Dry area ” (including the laundry room in the dry area), which is often in a wet state “ Wet area ” It is not suitable to use any wallpaper. To solve this problem, “ Dry and wet ” The partition bathroom can match wallpaper with mosaic, ceramic tile and other wall materials. Icons in the current wallpaper market “ Flowers in the water ” Waterproof wallpaper is specially designed for bathroom space. It uses paper-based PVC as the base material, and the surface PVC layer is thick, so it has excellent waterproof performance. It will not absorb water in case of water, but will show a cool picture of transparent water droplets on the wall. The wallpaper also has the functions of anti mildew and anti fading, which avoids the wallpaper becoming “ Not beautiful ”. It is extremely simple to clean, and you can wipe it directly with a soft dry cloth

decoration tips: when wallpaper is used in the bathroom space, its special waterproof and moisture-proof performance is the key to selection. When purchasing, we must choose products of reliable well-known brands, and ask in detail about the product characteristics, such as whether the pavement construction process, auxiliary materials and the water resistance and stability of the product itself meet the special functional needs of the bathroom space

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