Free decoration design, many hidden dangers

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Good decoration is inseparable from good design. Now, many decoration companies have put up signs of free design to attract customers. Many customers go to these companies for construction aiming at free design. They often know that free design is actually a cover after they finish it

where did the original design cost come from?

in the home decoration market, at first, people only had the concept of decoration, without the awareness of design. As a consumer said, in the past, the decoration was to draw a sketch, and then improve while constructing in the process of decoration. Therefore, when it comes to finding someone to design, "free design" has become a marketing method used by many home decoration companies to attract customers. However, some non-standard decoration companies, such as the "home decoration guerrillas", because the company itself has no designers and no design ability, the people they call "designers" are not professional designers at all, but construction workers who have worked for a long time. In their view, the so-called design is just to stick a few wooden lines on the door, or pave the ground and brush the wall. When they have oneortwo simple and inaccurate sketches, they start to operate, and carry out the construction according to the requirements of the owner. In this way, it is reasonable for them to call for the exemption of design fees

according to a designer of a home decoration company, most home decoration designers at present can only be regarded as salesmen who can draw pictures at best. At present, most designers' income is reduced by the amount of work designed, so the more projects designed, the more commissions. The designer's energy is limited, and every design will be compressed by the designer to complete in the shortest time, so rough manufacturing is inevitable

a confused account. You didn't discuss it.

Miss Li, who was preparing to decorate, went to some decoration companies that claimed to be free of design fees. She found that these companies did have professional designers. They also designed professionally according to the opinions of customers, and on the surface, the design did not charge any fees. But Miss Li pondered carefully, and still felt that there was something strange: because the work of these professional designers, as a link in the whole decoration project of the company, must have its costs. Then, where did this part of the costs come from? After being instructed by a friend who has already decorated, Miss Li




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