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The fourth painting, calligraphy and photography competition of Liming heavy industry group ended with more than 500 works interpreting the humanistic connotation

the fourth painting, calligraphy and photography competition of Liming heavy industry group ended with more than 500 works interpreting the humanistic connotation

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in order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees and create a bustling corporate cultural atmosphere, the annual Liming painting, calligraphy and photography competition was held as scheduled, It has become a distinctive and sustainable theme cultural activity of the group company, and now it is the fourth. Each session will be warmly responded by the photography and calligraphy enthusiasts within the enterprise, and receive many excellent works that can show the strength and humanistic spirit of the enterprise. This year, more than 500 photography, calligraphy and painting works with more than 100 person times have reached the state of white burning. While blooming their various talents, they have reproduced and interpreted the humanistic spirit of Liming heavy industry from the unique perspective of art

all these works come from photography and painting enthusiasts within the group company. Take photography works for example, production lines, workshop scenes, enterprise environment and humanistic style. Whether they are taken with professional equipment or with photography, without exception, each work and allowing them to bring the full plastic version of their products to the market constitute a long-term mechanism for the utilization of new materials. They are amazing with their enthusiasm and vitality, Record the beautiful pictures you see, and then record them to provide the audience with a unique perspective. Excellent works are equal, each with its own characteristics and values. We select several groups of works for the audience

photographic works

theme: Winning overseas

(site of K2 mobile station in Russia and gravel production line in Australia)

Creator: Zhang Yifei

"As an installation engineer who has been away for a long time, I have seen too many landscapes. I am not a professional photographer, but in front of me, the picture is broad and clear, with simple lines and strong equipment. This kind of composition and color matching of 'one soft and one hard' is absolutely unique. Shooting from any angle can show the majestic momentum in the vast world."

theme: majestic castle

(Jilin granite crushing and sand production line)

Creator: wanghenghui

"in mid September this year, I went to the customer site with a salesman from Jilin Province for an after-sales return visit. Seeing this production line from afar, I felt a surge of pride. It was like a castle, romantic and fairy tale, but it was also a powerful weapon for customers to create wealth. Inadvertently, I recorded this picture."

theme: grand plan

(No. 169, science Avenue, liming heavy industry headquarters enterprise base)

Creator: guozhenling

"the headquarters enterprise base of the group company can definitely be called a landmark building on science Avenue. Working here, you will have unlimited love. In the clear late autumn, simple and atmospheric buildings divide the far-reaching sky into sapphires."

pla can degrade calligraphy and painting works through the random breaking (hydrolysis) of ester bonds in the chain segment

(I) theme: Liming spirit

Creator: Xiong Junhui

pious, fine, strict and harmonious

(II) theme: core values of the enterprise

Creator: xuxiaoke

create value, share value, abide by order Respect for value

(III) theme: vitality cheers you

Creator: Si Jingyi

within eight hours, dedicated and quiet, we are fighting hard for business

beyond eight hours, making fun, we imagine life

from which we feel the ingenuity and full enthusiasm of the creator, feel the colorful other side of the employees of the group company, take humanistic care as the appeal and expression, and the corporate culture of Liming heavy industry is taking root and sprouting, The deeper and deeper, the explosion of individual and group energy will stimulate a deeper cultural collision. In the process of continuously creating and sharing value, you will feel a sense of belonging, so as to have a rich, dignified, joyful and glorious life

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