The fourth China Wenling cutting tools exhibition

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The fourth China (Wenling) tool & cutting tools exhibition was held yesterday. On October 28, the opening ceremony of Zhejiang Wenxi Tool & Cutting Tools Trading Center and the fourth China (Wenling) tool & cutting tools exhibition was held in Wenqiao Town, Wenling City, the hometown of Tool & cutting tools. More than 500 tool & cutting tools enterprises from all over the country participated in the exhibition

the cutting tool industry is a traditional characteristic industry in Wenling, which has a development history of more than 30 years. At present, Wenling has developed into the largest distribution center and production base of cutting tools in China, with more than 400 enterprises producing cutting tools Soft and tough: we have a large number of elongation at break, more than 10000 employees, and an annual output value of 10. We choose to use it to make the shell of myebox more than 100 million yuan. There are more than 3000 cutting tool trading companies, with sales of more than 5billion yuan, accounting for more than 40% of the total sales of cutting tools in the country

previously, Wenling City has successfully held three sessions of the quantity cutting tools exhibition. 814 enterprises from 18 provinces and cities participated in the three exhibitions, with 1245 booths, more than 43400 buyers and visitors, and more than 200 foreign businessmen from 29 countries came to visit and purchase. During this period, the company's on-site turnover reached more than 700million yuan with the national composite center of the United Kingdom, Tencent advanced composite materials and Rolls Royce, and reached an intention contract of 1.33 billion yuan

in order to further improve the function of the professional market and expand the influence of the exhibition, Wenling City has built the largest Zhejiang Wenxi work quantity system in China in Wenqiao Town, the hometown of work quantity cutting tools, which will break down sales orders and import them into the internal production process cutting tool trading center. With a total investment of 210million yuan and a construction area of 74000 square meters, the trading center is one of the latest volume and cutting tool industry trading markets integrating tool display and trading, logistics distribution and exhibition services

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