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On October 18, the fourth national engineering machinery maintenance workers' vocational skills competition kicked off, and 130 engineering machinery maintenance elites from across the country gathered in Linyi, In the next three days, they will compete together and win the honor in their hearts with their personal qualities and skills

kick off the competition


this competition is a national class II competition project, jointly organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation, the China Employment Training and technical guidance center and the National Committee of the China machinery, metallurgy and building materials trade union. It follows the principles of "multi-party coordination, industry guidance, extensive participation, equal emphasis on morality and technology, combination of competition and learning, focus on practical results and incentive to become talents" and adheres to the principles of fairness, fairness and openness, It aims to promote the training of skilled talents in the construction machinery industry by promoting learning, training and learning through competition, select and cultivate a number of knowledge-based, skilled and innovative "new era craftsmen", and provide skilled talents for the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises

microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine is also called hydraulic universal testing machine. During the competition, the contestants will demonstrate the literacy and skills of 15 concrete antifreeze people through the combination of theory and practice, covering five categories and seven brands of products including loaders, excavators, forklifts, aerial work vehicles, truck cranes and other mechanical equipment; According to the competition selection and relevant recognition regulations, the competition will produce a national may day labor medal winner, three national technical experts and three national young post experts

speak with strength


brings confidence to extruder enterprises. Lovol organized a professional team to participate in this competition. Among them, there are 5 referees and 10 team members, and a special 3-member teaching group is set up to take charge of technical training and guidance

the five members of the judging group are professionals with rich practical experience and rich knowledge base selected from the Research Institute of Lovol construction machinery group and the quality department. In the qualification training for referees held in Yinchuan in the middle of September, all of them passed the one-time training and obtained the qualification for refereeing

ten Lovol team members, all of whom are senior front-line service engineers in the industry, were selected through the "LOVOL Cup" service skill competition held at the end of September. This time, we will compete with the service elites of the whole country. We hope they will show their style and win good results

speaking with strength is beneficial to the country and the people


it is worth mentioning that Lovol fl956h loader has become the designated vehicle for the loading unit in this competition due to its high market popularity and outstanding customer evaluation. In the next three days, let's look forward to the team members, referees and vehicles of Lovol speaking with strength

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