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The fourth general meeting of the second session of Changzhou paint association was successfully held on the morning of October 25, 2011. The fourth general meeting of the second session of Changzhou paint Association in 2011 was successfully held in the peony Hall of Changzhou sunshine international hotel. More than 70 representatives of leaders of member units of the association attended the meeting

the meeting comprehensively reviewed and summarized the work of Changzhou coating Association in 2011, and the participants fully affirmed the achievements of the association in 2011. First, the association took the opportunity of the review of the national industrialization base to comprehensively plan the base management, successfully passed the review and acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology, and renamed the original national Changzhou new coating industrialization base as Changzhou National new coating high tech industrialization base according to the unified requirements of the Ministry of science and technology; Second, organize key enterprises to participate in International Coating Exhibition and Summit Forum, hold national coating seminar, connect with emerging industries, and promote the scientific and technological innovation and development of Changzhou coating industry; Third, carry out docking and exchange activities in the coating industry, build a cooperation platform for scientific research institutes and enterprises, industry exchanges, information and scientific and technological innovation, and carry out various forms of technical service activities; Fourth, apply for the title of "hometown of Chinese coatings" to enhance the popularity of Changzhou coatings; Fifthly, it is urgent to continue to carry out vocational skills training for special types of work, vigorously develop and promote the use of degradable plastics, so as to improve the professional level of coatings; At the same time, the association insists on proceeding from reality, solving problems for its members, and improving the cohesion of the association in the coating industry

the meeting also defined the key work of the association in the next stage. In 2012, the association will take the national policy as the guidance, focus on standardizing the industrial behavior, pay attention to the construction of Changzhou coating brand, and organize the base enterprises to collectively participate in the 2012 China International Coating Exhibition; Build a more effective platform for industry university research cooperation, and organize international academic forums in the coating industry; Organize coating enterprises to carry out peer exchange and investigation activities; Strengthen the team construction of coating talents, carry out vocational skills training and entrusted training of enterprise talents; Actively guide and promote the scientific and technological innovation and development of Changzhou coating industry, and improve the overall quality and competitiveness of the industry

the association invited Shanghai Fudan time to flash back to hellip one year ago; hellip; The above paragraph about Timken's practice, Dean of the Department of materials science and national education, clearly illustrates several things: 1 Experimental method: Professor wulimin, director of the coating engineering technology research center of the friction Department of rotating parts to fixed parts, gave a lecture on the development of several important coating cutting-edge technologies for all the participants. He introduced in detail the latest international technologies of special coatings such as ship pollution resistance, anti icing, automobile, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, bacteria resistance and structural color, and interacted with the enterprise. Director Wu's report has brought the latest development of coating technology in the world to the enterprise, broadened its vision and benefited a lot. In addition, the association also invited jiyongdong, general manager of Changzhou shideweiluo Technology Co., Ltd., to introduce the whole process e-commerce comprehensive service platform of Changzhou enterprises sponsored by Changzhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and Changzhou Municipal Bureau of small and medium enterprises

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