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According to relevant data, since the second half of the previous year, the brand air conditioners of Kelon, Changhong, Haier, Hisense, Aucma, Gree, Midea and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have also successively adopted honeycomb paperboard materials to replace EPS foam plastic gaskets and wooden pallets, in line with the international market. The use of honeycomb paperboard not only reduces the packaging cost of the factory (the packaging cost of each cabinet air conditioner is reduced by about 15-20 yuan, but also eliminates the "white pollution" and opens up a smooth "green channel" for the products of foreign trade enterprises to go out of the factory.

v. research new packaging design to reduce the cost

"a road to Huashan since ancient times" Is the only way to control the cost of cartons is to control the cost of base paper: the answer is No. In the face of the rising price of base paper, controlling the cost of base paper is only the first solution, not the only solution. To provide customers with more design services, scientifically and reasonably set up juice packaging, and by changing the box type design, on the one hand, attract more users, on the other hand, reduce the cost of cartons

Skyworth Group has reduced its packaging cost by 20% through the redesign of packaging and the research and development of new materials, and the combination of self-developed corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard. ICL has started to improve the design of cartons, and has reduced the cost by about 10% after improving the edge type, weight, box type and backing materials of the paper

the development of new packaging juice by Shenzhen Huali Packaging Co., Ltd. is an effective way to reduce the production cost. After helping TCL improve the carton juice design, they successfully reduced the consumption of raw materials and ensured the profit of the enterprise while meeting the price reduction requirements of customers. Now this improvement is still in progress

the cooperation with TCL has enabled them to taste the "sweetness" of packaging design and see the "glimmer of light" in the fierce price competition. To this end, they are also preparing to spend millions of yuan to establish a new design and development center to reduce costs by continuously developing new packaging designs that have yet to reach a consensus on the details of cost and scope

VI. other measures to improve technical quality:

1. easy to open packaging can be adopted for domestic and foreign sales, the structural design and cost design of cartons can be optimized, the ratio of base paper and core paper can be reasonably selected, so as to be in line with the development trend of international packaging

2. the strength of the carton is the life of the carton, the corrugating roller is the "heart" of the corrugating machine, and the paste and latex are the "blood" of the corrugating machine. For this reason, the corrugated rod and paste automatic control system with cobalt based tungsten carbide coating can reduce the waste paperboard, reduce the product defect rate, control the process quality, improve the speed, prevent the deformation and bending of the paperboard, reduce the starch content, improve the paper utilization rate, reduce the corrugated rate, and thus reduce the carton cost

3. strengthen the packaging function of the carton, and take good waterproof effect, crack resistance effect, cardboard bonding effect, and the eating and pasting line of the corrugated paper as measures to improve the efficiency of the corrugated paper machine and the quality of the cardboard.

4. the compressive strength of the carton is reduced due to the moisture of the carton during handling. For domestic carton enterprises, it is very important to solve the moisture-proof problem of cartons. The countermeasures are: using high-performance paper base paper; Apply a layer of waterproof coating on the surface of the paperboard that has no impact on the product - composite microporous and equipped with special fixture wax for fasteners; On the surface of cartons, domestic enterprises have not formed industrial light or plastic/film treatment in this regard. (by chenxirong)

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