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Uncover Ping An technology information security black technology - contact cloud number shield

with the Internet connecting hundreds of millions of users, personal privacy and information security have received more attention, but the leakage of information and data and the disasters caused by them are endless. Ping An, the leader of Internet insurance finance, has 138million customer groups, has always attached great importance to customer information security, and has a unique security method. Ma Mingzhe, CEO of Ping An Group, put forward the concept of technology leading finance and strictly implemented it. In 2016, the R & D investment in the field of technology was as high as 7billion, of which some black technology was also produced to ensure that customer information was not leaked. Today, we mainly look at how Ping An can prevent the disclosure of customers' privacy information from the agent level

we know that express delivery and taxi have become people's new lifestyle, and these two areas have always been the hardest hit areas of information security leakage

in recent years, the market also has applications such as small numbers and virtual numbers to solve this problem. This kind of application mostly uses the third-party number to connect the courier (driver) with the customer's number, so as to avoid the courier (driver) from obtaining the real information of the customer. However, number hiding in the field of call center is not so simple

in the call center industry with a large number of seats, the contact concurrency between agents and customers is relatively high. Take a Ping An subsidiary currently served by Ping An contact cloud as an example, tens of thousands of seats have more than 300000 effective calls every day. Especially in peak hours, there are even more than 100000 calls per hour. The maintenance of number correspondence and corresponding call control is the bottleneck problem of number hiding, which needs to be solved urgently

in view of this situation, Ping An contact cloud, an expert with 16 years of experience in call center solutions, launched number shield products to ensure the information security of user numbers by transforming the existing call center architecture. So how does Ping An contact cloud number shield overcome this technical difficulty? We understand it through the call center architecture before and after the transformation of number shield

the original call center architecture

CTI system is generally introduced into the call center industry to facilitate agents to quickly obtain customer information and provide 2 We should protect the efficient and accurate service of the electronic extensometer. However, the system also has shortcomings. It requires the agent CRM system to transmit the customer number to the agent, which brings great security risks to the disclosure of customer information privacy

① the agent CRM system displays the information of the client and the business order in the agent computer browser

② when the agent contacts the customer, the browser passes the customer number to the platform CTI through the dial-up interface of CTI software

③ CTI controls the outbound dialing of the telephone at the seat end, and the traffic is delivered to the operator to contact the customer

there are four danger points of information leakage in the above process:

1. Although the CRM page uses the * sign to hide the number, the agent can open the browser's developer tool to view the page code to obtain the customer number

2. The called number can be displayed on the screen interface of the seat phone

3. The CTI software running at the seat end will keep the log for problem verification, and the outbound call number may be recorded in the log

4. The recording system of the call center will record the calling information for quality inspection and complaint handling personnel to review

therefore, Ping An contacted cloud to independently develop the number shield platform to improve the original call center architecture

improved call center architecture

① the agent CRM system displays the false number corresponding to the customer's real number one by one

② when the agent contacts the customer, the browser soft dials the fake number to the platform through CTI

③ the new number shield of the improved platform decrypts false numbers into true numbers

We have been at the edge of a new series based on graphene polymer nanocomposites

④ call service delivery operators, contact customers

at the same time, Ping An contact cloud number shield platform supports a variety of number decryption methods. For example, the decryption algorithm provided by the agent CRM can even be introduced into the encryptor for decryption

the biggest advantage of this platform is to ensure that the customer number will not be transmitted to the data center in any form

Ping An contact cloud also designs several schemes for different scenarios of users. The called number can use the customer height adjustable range (0~600mm) ID or task number in the agent CRM to associate the call with the agent's business order

let the number have business attributes, which is more convenient for the retrieval of subsequent recordings. If you want to debug functions such as level 5 or 6 analysis. In addition, all outbound called numbers can be set arbitrarily, and false numbers, or customer IDS, task numbers, etc. can be transmitted through the route data. For example, all called numbers can be set to 123456, and the seat side sees that the phone has been outbound calling this number, but it is actually contacting different real customers

at present, in the past 16 years, Ping An contact cloud has been serving the financial companies of Ping An Group, and stability and safety have been rooted in the blood of products

now, Ping An contact cloud call center platform has been opened to the whole industry

whether you are an e-marketing center with tens of thousands of seats, or an e-commerce, express, real estate or credit reporting company, Ping An contact cloud can provide professional and customized product solutions to meet your needs in the field of call centers

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