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On October 26th, 2016, the offline Salon of customer experience in the era of all media, hosted by secos (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. and co organized by Shanghai Call Center Association, came to a successful conclusion at the Langham Hotel in Xintiandi, Shanghai

we invited more than 20 world-famous FMCG Brand representatives, including cosmetics industry bigwigs: Sephora cosmetics, sportswear brand: converse sporting goods, well-known coffee beverage brand: Starbucks, etc. to attend the event. We also invited the Deputy Secretary General of the E-Commerce Association and senior executives of Feiniu as speakers to discuss and share keywords, all media and customer experience

now let's review the highlights of this offline salon.

at the beginning, Ms. Zhang Wen, the general manager of Greater China with both talent and beauty of secos, made a very wonderful high-level speech. Ms. Zhang, who has 20 years of experience in call center management, put forward the general trend of today's customer service. The younger service population, the diversification of content, the differentiation of channels, led to a series of enterprise transformation in the era of all media, The problem of customer service: how to determine the effectiveness of all media multi-channel, process design, staff management, and establish standards have become the key and difficult points to be solved at present

Mr. Tong Qiujun, an expert from our secos e-commerce department, has many years of experience in the Internet industry and has in-depth research on all media and multi-channel

Mr. Tong Qiujun first put forward a definition of all media. All media is to provide the most appropriate service for the needs of different users in different channels. It can achieve anyone, at any time, at any place, with any terminal to obtain any desired information. What we need to do is to rotate in the opposite direction and provide personalized services with the minimum investment, the best communication and the greatest effect through all media means

Mr. Tong Qiujun took the successful case of a well-known daily necessities FMCG company he has served as the starting point, and explained how SECCO realized the multi-channel interaction between the network and users, focused on the introduction of advanced customer relationship management concepts in the operation mode, and realized the transformation of the call center from business acceptance type to marketing service type, reflecting the professionalism of SECCO in-depth service users

secos, as the organizer of this salon, came up with a unique all media interactive platform technology. This technology is also one of the focuses of discussion at this meeting, which is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products. The overall system demonstration was explained by Mr. Wang Xinxiang, the IT director of secos. He hopes to promote better business transformation through technology

secos all media system integrates and analyzes multi-channel contact methods through technology, so as to improve the platform switching efficiency of seats and reduce the difficulty of employees in dealing with multi-channel and all media information. One seat can solve multi-channel problems, which greatly saves operating costs and the difficulty of talent training. Secos set up a system experience corner at the venue, so guests can personally experience the transformation of operation mode brought by the system through our IT service personnel

for the future all media interactive platform and technology, Mr. Wang Xinxiang, the IT director of secos, made an interesting outlook. The order grabbing customer service system and the mode of customer selection of customer service personnel are believed to change the existing unchanged customer experience and operation mode. All the guests present expressed great expectation

as the key link of this salon, it is also the round table discussion of the most exciting link. We invited the enterprise representatives of Starbucks, Shanghai ideal, little red book and our own think tank of Sikes to share the trend of all media from the actual customers, such as paddle panel mixer

guests all pointed out the practical problems faced by customer service under all media. Especially with the increasing number of complaints through Weibo, how to quickly solve this problem through multiple channels has become a great challenge. Especially, the switching, memory, processing efficiency and technology cost on the platform have become the problems encountered in the transformation. For the problems thrown by the guests, secos experts believe that the quality of customer service experience is not reflected in a direct service contact, but by many experience points to determine the final service experience. We use unique systems to quickly integrate information and drive our business capabilities with technology, thereby reducing operating costs. For example, for a complaint on Weibo, our customer service can integrate its data into a platform and quickly use voice and other channels to give feedback. In the omni channel service, let customers feel that our service is very efficient. All media is just a channel and solution, and we always want to build on customer experience

this offline salon is not only a special discussion on the media customer experience just after the ranking of the whole website, but also an in-depth study of the operation cases of various internationally renowned brands in the era of all media. Thank you to the organizer secos, the co organizer China call center association and all the guests, so that we can better grasp the user experience point during the all media transformation, rather than feel the stone to cross the river. We expect all enterprises to achieve better results in the era of all media

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