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Wuhan second-hand office furniture market talks about nine categories of hardware accessories

Wuhan second-hand office furniture market talks about nine categories of hardware accessories

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Wuhan second-hand office furniture market talks about nine categories of hardware accessories

international standard office furniture hardware accessories can be divided into nine categories:

1 Lock; 2. Connectors; 3. Slide rail; 4. Position holding device; 5. Height adjustment device; 6. Supporting parts; 7. Handle; 8. Casters; 9. Foot base

according to the function, it can be divided into moving parts, fasteners, supports, locking parts and decorative parts

office furniture hardware accessories generally include hinges, connectors, drawer slides, sliding door accessories, handles, locks, latches, door absorbers, shelf pins, clothes stick support seats, rollers, foot covers, feet, fillets, bolts, wood screws, round nails, etc. The following can complete the tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear and other mechanical property experiments of metal and non-metal materials, and briefly introduce several commonly used office furniture hardware accessories:

1. File cabinet hardware accessories - Connectors

connectors are generally used for the connection of side plates or bottom plates of file cabinets. The connecting rod can be divided into threaded rod, barbed nut rod, terminal connecting rod, double connecting rod, movable connecting rod, etc

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2. Cabinet door/box cover hardware accessories hinge

hinge is mainly used for the rotation and opening of various cabinet doors, box covers and other components. According to the difference of its structure with special table template writing software, some experts predict that the hinge can be divided into light hinge, dark hinge, glass door hinge, aluminum door hinge, etc

hidden completely inside the office furniture without exposure, and the dark hinge makes the surface of the office furniture clear, beautiful and tidy. There are three types of cup-shaped concealed hinge, folding door hinge and flap hinge. Glass door hinges include glass door concealed hinges and glass door head hinges

3. Drawer/keyboard hardware accessories - slide rail

slide rail is mainly used for the installation of office desk keyboard, drawer and other components; Pull out the straw filled plastic interior trim in parts and all according to the pull-out length; According to the method of use, it can be divided into push in type and self closing type; According to the installation method, it can be divided into bilateral and unilateral installation; According to the purpose, it can be divided into drawer slide and keyboard slide

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4. Hardware accessories of office furniture locks, handles

are mainly used for seals on boxes, drawers, doors and other objects. Locks used in office furniture are usually Decor locks (glass door locks, plug-in locks, button locks, tongue locks, etc.); The handle function is an auxiliary part to facilitate the opening of drawers, cabinet doors and other objects, as well as a decorative function

5. Office chair hardware accessories casters, tripods

including movable and fixed casters, which are generally used together to facilitate moving and moving objects. The universal casters on the office chair are widely used, which are usually used together with five-star casters and can rotate 360 degrees. Of course, castors are also made of many materials

6. Office chair hardware accessories - air pressure rod

used in ordinary lifting office chairs, the air pressure rod is filled with ammonia. If the purity is less than 90%, there will be potential safety hazards, resulting in gas leakage. If the air pressure rod material is unqualified, it will seriously cause explosion, so the air pressure rod material and its process are very important. In recent years, there have been many explosion accidents caused by unqualified pneumatic rods

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