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The second South China International Auto Electronics Exhibition has been widely concerned by the industry

according to the statistics of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, three of the top ten car manufacturers in terms of car sales in China in 2007 came from South China. South China, with one-third of the manufacturing industry in China, has become one of the most important automobile industry bases in China. The second AE South China International Auto Electronics Exhibition (AE South China) coincides with the favorable opportunity of the auto electronics market in South China, and will be grandly held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on August

South China not only has powerful automobile manufacturing enterprises and a huge consumer market, but also has gathered many people with strong technical strength to further support the development of graphene industry; Ningbo is an automotive electronics design and manufacturing enterprise to support the development of graphene industry. According to the prediction of authoritative institutions, by 2010, the automobile production capacity of Guangdong Province will reach 1.6 million, accounting for 15% of the national total, becoming the third largest automobile production base in China. The rapid development of the automotive industry has not only prospered the automotive consumer market, but also led China's automotive electronics market into a rising period. In 2007, the sales of automotive electronic products in China reached 121.57 billion yuan, an increase of more than 40% year-on-year. Driven by the development of the automotive industry and the continuous upgrading of automotive products, it is estimated that the size of China's automotive electronics market will exceed 320billion yuan by 2012

with the gradual maturity of China's automotive industry, the market demand for automotive electronics is gradually upgrading. At present, the popularity of power control, chassis control, safety system, body electronic control and other products has been very high, and these products will continue to be popularized to the low-end market in the next few years. Compared with these mature products, some new applications will become the focus of China's automotive electronics market in the next few years, such as active safety system, automotive network system, GPS and other on-board information systems. One of the important goals of this year's South China International Auto Electronics Exhibition is to help auto electronics and parts enterprises timely understand the latest needs of vehicle customers and the consumer market. This year's exhibition and discussion focused on the latest products and technologies in the automotive electronics industry chain, including electronic production services, vehicle manufacturing, automotive audio-visual entertainment and safety systems, automotive communication and navigation systems, automotive market research vehicle integration electronics and appliances, system integration, automotive instrumentation and body electronics subsystems

in addition to keeping up with market demand in terms of content, the organizers also made careful preparations to ensure the professionalism of the exhibition. Reed Exhibitions group specially invited some industry celebrities to form a consulting group to provide industry support and suggestions for the successful holding of this exhibition. The advisory group includes Cyril Bourguignon, industrial and quality manager of Valeo engine cooling Co., Ltd., Markus gentzsch, system engineering manager of continental group (former Siemens VDO), Ms. Jiang Xiaohong, procurement manager of Guangzhou Honda, Mr. Hou Chaochuan, production director of Hangsheng electronics, Mr. Zhao Qiming, director of Mobis production and technology Department, and a little grease in modern times will reduce the service life of aramid bushings, Mr. Wang Ping, factory director of BYD automobile 16th Division. Reed Exhibitions group has been adhering to the development strategy of localization and specialization since it brought AE into the domestic market in 2006, providing perfect and thoughtful services for exhibitors and visitors. After successfully holding two South China International Auto Electronics exhibitions, AE has a group of loyal audiences and customers at home and abroad. "China is a rapidly growing market for the global automotive electronics industry. Molex recognizes this and has expanded the scope of investment and activities in China. We take AE as one of our marketing platforms in the region to demonstrate our capabilities and expand our customer base," said mark Rettig, marketing director of MOLEX, an internationally renowned supplier of a full range of interconnect products, who will participate in the auto electronics show in August

the second South China International Auto Electronics Exhibition undoubtedly makes many electronic enterprises look forward to it, because with the first technology products with advanced quality that DuPont company seeks in its partners brought by international auto electronics enterprises and the broad prospect of South China electronic market, AE undoubtedly becomes a banner of China's auto electronics industry exhibition. At the same time, the 14th South China international electronic production equipment and microelectronics industry exhibition, South China International Electronic Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, China International flat panel display manufacturing technology exhibition and seminar, and South China international industrial assembly technology and equipment exhibition held at the same time with AE will jointly form a large-scale comprehensive series of electronic technology exhibitions. The five exhibitions will be presented on the same stage, and it is expected to attract about 32000 visitors at that time, The organizer also promised to provide "one-stop" services of electronic manufacturing for all exhibitors and visitors

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