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The second world materials summit will be held in Suzhou

the second world materials summit will be grandly held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province on October, 2009. The summit is mainly aimed at the theme of sustainable development of energy, materials and society. At that time, the world's top scientists, government officials, and outstanding entrepreneurs will be invited to attend. They will discuss the current development trend of the industrial field, publish their latest research results, and discuss the development policies and measures of high-tech energy materials in the future. This summit will have a far-reaching and significant impact on the sustainable development of modern society

summit topics (divided into 5 chapters) :

symbol a: solar energy and photovoltaic cell materials

symbol b: nuclear energy materials

symbol c: hydrogen energy related materials and fuel cell

symbol d: envi shares the results of innovative tooth destruction exhibition r adjust the lower jaw to an appropriate height environment friendly battery materials

symbol e: the materials for biomass energy

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