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As we all know, industrial control equipment, especially inverter, PLC, sensor and other products with relatively high technical content, are generally the world of foreign brands. There is still a big gap between domestic brands in terms of technology, quality and application. Therefore, the key components of enterprises with a high degree of automation are imported brands

the rise of the second-hand industrial control equipment market stems from the sample breaking point production line and related accessories eliminated by foreign factories. In Guangdong and other coastal areas, there are quite a few foreign e-waste markets because it significantly improves the stiffness and strength of polymers. Generally, they come from the whole container, and there are special people to classify these wastes, and finally they are sold in piles. In this way, some people buy back industrial equipment and disassemble it Classification clear. Testing Refurbished for sale. Because many models of second-hand equipment are old models and have been discontinued, they are exactly the same as those of some domestic user equipment, and this equipment has no conditions for transformation. Being eager to find accessories of old models leads to a great market demand for disassembled parts with special absorption functions and other characteristics

are the factors of cost. For example, an enterprise has received a large order of toys or other products; It is necessary to build a production line within a period of time without knowing whether there are subsequent orders, so it is necessary to purchase the production line as low as possible. Second hand equipment has become the best choice. If there is no subsequent order after the production order, the whole set of equipment can be disassembled and sold, which will not cause great losses. Because of this cycle, the second-hand industrial control equipment market is booming

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