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Second hand recycling: Fogang County Cable/waste cable recycling optimization [yitong'an]

second hand recycling: Fogang County Cable/waste cable recycling optimization [yitong'an]

Guangzhou yitong'an company has long-term door-to-door cash collection of overstock inventory with the business philosophy of "integrity, strength, service, people-oriented"

waste cable recycling, communication cable recycling: long term high price supply of underground communication cables, optical fiber cables, coaxial communication cables, municipal communication cables, special communication cables for coal mines, flame-retardant communication cables for coal mines, mining communication flexible cables, shielded communication cables, armored communication cables, flame-retardant communication cables, computer cables, signal cables, data cables, overhead communication cables, television cables, electronic cables, radio frequency cables Long distance communication cable, overhead communication cable, marine communication cable, moisture-proof communication cable, indoor communication cable, mhyvp mining communication cable, mhybv mining communication cable, HYV communication. Many small and medium-sized production enterprises in China have withdrawn from the production field of vanadium for cost reasons. Communication cable, MHYVR communication cable, hya53 communication cable, HYAT communication cable, HYAC communication cable, HYA communication cable and recycling service. For circuits that will have serious consequences in case of electrical interference, yitong'an will recover Baosheng, Luneng Taishan, Far East, Shangshang, panda, Hengtong optoelectronics, nansuo, pryisman, wucai Jiangnan, Far East, Kaikai, Hongqi, Xinte, Nanding, bendacom, Zhongtian, sun, Kunlun, Jincheng, Gepai, shengpai, Pacific, Baofeng Shuntong, Guangdong Road, Tongbao, Yangtze River, Wuxi Great Wall Jiangsu Tai, as an enterprise introduced from Jiangsu, provides domestic and imported waste cables, waste wires, wire and cable recycling services for Xiang, Wenpai, Jiangsu Dayu, Zhejiang Huatai, Jiangsu Yafei, Jiangxi shengta, Shanghai Qifan, Lanzhou Zhongbang, Shanghai Youjiang, Qingdao HongRi, Tianjin Jinshan, Kunshan Changjiang, Wuxi Huzhong, Guangzhou Tianhong, Shanghai Shenghua, Jiaxing Duojiao and other brands

the company has won good reputation in the industry by virtue of its strong economic strength and adherence to the principle of honesty. We will respond to the call of the state to move idle assets, turn waste into treasure, recycle and reuse them, take them from the people, use them for the people, and serve the society

waste cable recycling is mainly used for building generic cabling, community computer generic cabling, etc. B-flat (flat). Yitong'an cable recycling company provides various armored power cable recycling services at high prices for a long time. The company has won good business reputation and the trust of many customers based on the principles of honesty, fairness, credibility and mutual benefit. We are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you to make free and rapid response, so as to make use of waste cables and other materials that are idle and occupy space, If you or your side has idle cable, please contact us, and we will provide * * * cable recycling and demolition services for you. The waste cable recycling company is a large-scale waste cable, waste wire, wire and cable recycling and reuse company in Linyi area, which has long been oriented to individuals and enterprises to recycle all kinds of waste cables, waste wires, power cables, communication cables, marine cables, mining cables, high-voltage cables Copper cables, inventory cables and other wire and cable products, welcome units and individuals with waste cables to contact and discuss recycling matters

a kind of viscous impregnated paper insulated power cable, that is, after impregnation of the viscous impregnated cable, a dripping process is added to reduce the impregnant between the viscous impregnated papers by 70% and the impregnant in the paper by 30%, so as to eliminate the shortcomings caused by the flow of the impregnant when the viscous impregnated paper insulated cable is laid at high drop. However, due to the reduction of the content of impregnant, the electrical strength of insulation is reduced. For example, when the insulation thickness is the same, the voltage withstand strength of drip dried paper insulated power cable is 6kV, while the voltage withstand strength of viscous impregnated paper cable is 10kV. However, the former can greatly increase the allowable laying drop

service purpose: cash payment, reasonable price, equality and mutual benefit, keeping promises, quickness and confidentiality

service Zhang Xin said that he promised to become a reliable partner with reasonable price and accurate measurement based on the business philosophy of "sincerity, seriousness and integrity"

we will provide recycling services in an enterprising spirit

excellent fire resistance. The fire resistance rating not only meets the requirements of international gb12666.6a class 950 ℃ 90min, but also meets the requirements of British BS class a 650 ℃ 3HB class 750 ℃ 3hc class 950 ℃ 3H. At the same time, in combustion, the hydraulic universal testing machine is used for tensile, compression, bending and shear tests of various metal and non-metallic materials, and can also withstand water spray and mechanical impact. A layer of metal is laid on the reflective aluminum foil layer to prevent the installed geothermal cable from being pressed into the thermal insulation material and enhance the compressive strength of the ground. In the insulating layer of yitong'an cable, most of the volume is air except for a part of solid medium supporting the inner and outer conductors. Its structural feature is that from one conductor to another conductor can not pass through the dielectric layer. Air insulated cable has very low attenuation, which is a common structural type under UHF. The main features of this kind of products are: a wide range of varieties and specifications, a wide range of applications, the use of voltage of 1kV and below, and the continuous derivation of new products in the face of special occasions, such as fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables, low smoke halogen-free/low smoke low halogen cables, termite proof, rat proof cables, oil/cold/temperature/wear-resistant cables, medical/agricultural/mining cables, thin-walled wires, etc

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