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Grade II Safety constructor decoration engineering professional simulation test paper 3

32 When paving the solid wood floor, the wood keel should be firmly connected with the base, and the depth of its fasteners embedded in the cast-in-place floor should not exceed (d) of the plate thickness. A. 1/4 b.1/3 c.1/5 d.2/3 [analysis] interpretation of the provisions of the code for construction of residential decoration (GB) 14.3.2 solid wood floors can be paved in two ways: free paving and solid paving, and can be paved with double-layer surface course and single-layer surface course. During empty paving, the connection between the wooden keel and the base course should be firm, and at the same time, it should avoid damaging the embedded pipeline in the base course; The depth of fasteners anchored into the cast-in-place floor slab shall not exceed 2/3 of the slab thickness; When fixing on the precast hollow floor, holes shall not be drilled for fixing. 33. During the construction of building decoration works, it is strictly forbidden to change the main body, bearing structure or (a) of the building without authorization in violation of the design documents. A. Main functions B. partition wall C. sanitary ware D. door and window accessories [analysis] code for quality acceptance of building decoration (GB) 3.3.4 during the construction of Building Decoration Engineering, it is strictly prohibited to change the main body, bearing structure or main functions of the building without authorization in violation of the design documents; It is strictly prohibited to dismantle and modify water, heating, electricity, gas, communication and other supporting facilities without design confirmation and approval of relevant departments. 34. The environmental conditions for the construction of indoor and outdoor decoration projects should meet the requirements of construction technology, and the construction ambient temperature should not be lower than (b) ℃. A. 0 B. 5 C. 10 d. - 5 [analysis] code for quality acceptance of building decoration (GB) 3.3.12 the environmental conditions for the construction of indoor and outdoor decoration projects shall meet the requirements of construction technology. The construction ambient temperature shall not be lower than 5 ℃. When construction must be carried out at a temperature lower than 5 ℃, effective measures shall be taken to ensure the quality of the project. 35. The bending strength of granite plates used in stone curtain wall works shall be tested and confirmed by (d). A. National testing institution B. provincial testing institution C. local testing institution D. legal testing institution [analysis] Technical Specification for continuous tensile engineering of metal and stone curtain wall for rubber products with or without cuts at the specified speed (JGJ) 3.2.2 the bending strength of granite plate shall be tested and confirmed by the legal testing institution, and its bending strength shall not be less than 8.0MPa. 36. For the following statements about marble, it is judged that the statement is not completely correct (b). A. Marble plate is an alkaline stone, which is easy to be eroded by acid and affect its use. Therefore, except for a few stones, marble polished plate is generally not suitable for outdoor facing. B. marble is metamorphic rock, which is neutral stone. C. The chemical composition of marble is CaCO3 and MgCO3, which is alkaline stone. D. marble is aphanitic structure, which is medium hardness stone [analysis] (1) the description of marble in options a, C, D is correct; Option B is incorrect to describe marble as neutral stone. (2) Because the marble of architectural decoration is called generalized marble, which includes marble, dolomite, sandstone, shale, slate and other carbonate rocks with decorative effect. The main chemical components are CaCO3 and MgCO3. So marble is not neutral stone but alkaline stone. 37. The quality grade of terrazzo can be divided into (b). A. Superior products, qualified products B. superior products, first-class products, qualified products C. special grade products, first-class products, qualified products D. first-class products, qualified products [analysis] according to the terrazzo industry standard, the terrazzo is divided into three quality levels: superior products, first-class products and qualified products according to the indicators of appearance quality, physical and mechanical properties, allowable dimensional deviation, flatness, angle and other allowable tolerances. 38. Ceramics is the general term of pottery and porcelain, and the products between them are called (d) A. glazed tiles B. fine pottery C. coarse pottery D. stoneware [analysis] (1) option D is correct, and multiple-choice questions a, B, C are incorrect. (2) Building ceramic products refer to the finished products made of clay as the main raw material through batching, blank making, drying, roasting and other processes. Using different clays and tools, the jaw should be often cleaned, and different building ceramics can be produced. Usually, the so-called ceramics is the general name of pottery, stoneware and porcelain. 39. The following description about ceramic brocade brick is incorrect (b) A. ceramic brocade brick is a wall and floor dual-purpose brick made of high-quality porcelain clay as the main raw material by batching, semi dry pressing and molding, and at the same time, it can produce a more light and buoyant film calcined at high temperature. Ceramic products with small size (side length no more than 40cm) and many colors and shapes, which can be assembled into various colors and patterns. B. Ceramic brocade bricks, also known as paper bricks, can be used for indoor walls, floors and murals, but not for outdoor walls and murals. C. Ceramic mosaic, also known as mosaic, and glass mosaic are two different materials. D. Ceramic brocade tiles are wall and floor tiles [analysis] ceramic brocade tiles have dense structure and low water absorption, which can be divided into glazed and unglazed. The water absorption of glazed ceramic brocade tiles is ≯ 1%, belonging to stoneware tiles; The water absorption of unglazed ceramic brocade tiles is ≯ 0.2%, which belongs to porcelain tiles, so it can be used for indoor and outdoor walls, floors, columns, murals, etc. So the description of answer B is incorrect. 40. Teak, walnut, Fraxinus mandshurica and maple, which are commonly used for decoration, belong to broad-leaved trees. Compared with coniferous trees, the wrong item is (c). A. They have beautiful equipment like Nokia admiration series and blackberry 9 series, although they feel like leather wood grain &n

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