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Shanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision and random inspection of plastic packaging for food

in order to strengthen product quality supervision, Shanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision organized supervision and random inspection of the quality of eight kinds of products, including plastic packaging containers for food, glass wine bottles, water-based coatings, solvent based paint coatings, ceramic tiles, hydraulic machinery, dissolved acetylene, new wall materials. Now the results of the spot check are reported as follows:

at the 2013 titanium dioxide industry annual meeting held on November 12, 2013,

one batch of plastic packaging containers for food was unqualified

a total of 40 batches of plastic packaging containers for food produced by 24 enterprises in Shanxi Province were supervised and spot checked. 39 batches were qualified, and one batch was unqualified, and the detection rate of unqualified products was 2.5%. The main quality problem is the unqualified drop performance. Sealing performance and falling performance are physical indicators of food packaging containers, which directly reflect the practical performance and quality of products. The main influencing factors are the quality of raw materials, fillers, product thickness, shape and so on. In this spot check, the drop performance of 360ml plastic bottles for food packaging produced by Shanxi Zhenxin Plastic Co., Ltd. did not meet the standard requirements. In the process of inspection, the bottom or bottle cap of five samples used for inspection were broken after falling freely at a height of 1.8m. (others omitted)

in view of the problems reflected in the provincial supervision and random inspection of product quality, quality supervision departments at all levels should seriously deal with the problems after product quality supervision and random inspection in strict accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations such as the product quality law of the people's Republic of China and the measures for the administration of product quality supervision and random inspection, and in line with the principle of "supporting the superior and the strong, cracking down on counterfeits and treating the inferior, and guiding consumption". The Provincial Bureau has sent the inspection report of unqualified products to the relevant municipal bureau of quality supervision, which will handle the post-processing work according to law. Quality supervision departments at all levels should help unqualified enterprises do a good job in rectification, effectively improve their legal awareness and quality awareness, and strictly implement the main body of product quality. We should strengthen supervision over all links of production and distribution, strictly control quality, ensure product quality and safety, and practically satisfy consumers. We should follow the principle of supporting the excellent and treating the bad, and strictly reward and punish them. For enterprises with qualified product quality in this supervision and random inspection, we should strengthen publicity through various media and networks to further improve the popularity of enterprises and products. For the enterprises whose products are unqualified in the supervision and random inspection, we should also plan to carry out a comprehensive digital and intelligent transformation for Maite new aluminum, and take post-treatment measures such as public notification, exposure, rectification and review, and administrative punishment, so as to promote them to improve the product quality as soon as possible and eliminate the production and sales of unqualified products. The relevant municipal bureau shall report the post-processing situation to the supervision department of the Provincial Bureau

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